Sunday, 8 March 2009

To Kill The Boredom

For some reason, it's been very slow here. Nothing posted yesterday and a few more hours and nothing would've been posted today aswell. Sure, everyone's got a life, i for example, have 3 tests next week and 2 papers to hand out, so i was busy this weekend finishing them. But if you cant post, waste 30 seconds and post something on the shout box explaining why you havent been around.

Anyway, the following track is one of my all-time favourites, and it is made by music's favourite mouse, Deadmau5:

This one was made with a little help from Kaskade and vocals from Haley Gibby, the track starts off with a beautiful transition from "Alone With You" with that sparkly sound onto a heavy drum beat and a very smooth and relaxing synth.
Then, the beat goes away, leaving us with a synth solo, but soon enough it comes back and with an extra: the vocals. Haley Gibby's voice fits perfectly onto this sound.
Then, repeat this process for 9 and a half minutes and you have one hell of a track thats more than worthy of being posted here and this track should live on through the ages.

And here it is:
Deadmau5 - I Remember [right click to download] (highly recommended)

Next up, just because im a very cocky guy (or not), im making some self-promotion.
My artist name is Sideviews, although im open for new name ideas.

After some failed attempts at making originals and remixes, due to the lack of material, i decided to stick with DJ mixes and mixtapes while i have nothing but a mouse to make my stuff.

This mix is entitled "What Can You Do In 30 Minutes? Vol.1", a half hour mix with some big electro tracks and focused mainly on the "brrrrr" synth sound. Some transitions are crap, i know that, but hey, i think no one has ever mixed all of these together so be happy and shut up.

Here it is:
Sideviews - What Can You Do In 30 Minutes? Vol.1 [right click to download]

1 - Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
2 - Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff
3 - Daft Punk - HBFS (BuzZTech 2009 Remix)
4 - Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)
5 - The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax "2 Many DJ's" Remix)
6 - Charlie Fanclub - Nightbreed Pt1
7 - The Bloody Beetroots - Detroit (Ghetto Edit)
8 - The Toxic Avenger - Escape (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
9 - Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Surkin 909 Edit)
10 - Heads We Dance - My Heart Is Set On You (Louis La Roche Remix)

Enjoy and don't forget to comment!

With my fingers crossed,

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