Friday, 13 March 2009

Trip to the music store

So today, me and my dad are in the car driving home from my biology class, when all of a sudden he turns to me and says,"Wanna go to Guitar Center?". "Sure." I may not play guitar, but they have an excellent keyboard room full of synthesizers, keyboards, electric pianos, all in one workstations, drum machines... everything. So of course I wanted to go!

So we get there, go in, my dad heads off to look at the new pre-beaten-up Telecasters and I head on back to the keyboard room. My first stop when we go is usually the Microkorg, which I always use to play Around The World for a few minutes... but it's not plugged into anything. Neither is the other Korg vocoder. Neither are either of their Alesis Microns. After going through all the production keyboards and synthesizers, I found that only ones that were on were these helluva expensive workstation keyboards... so I sat down, and found they had delightful sound, and started messing around with some of the synths and guitars.

This is when the salesman struck. "Hey man, how ya doin? Do you like this board? Yeah, me too. Best sound out there. best thing ever is that it has all you need for recording built right in! Several instrument tracks, as well as 16 audio tracks you can record with any input! Would you like me to show ya how it works?" I was rather curious, as whatever this keyboard was, it had a mouse, and a large LCD screen. I was amazed at it's capabilities.
"So tell me kid, you a musician?"
"Yeah, I am."
"What kinda music do you do?"
"Well, orchestral movie soundtrack style stuff, disco house, electro house, that sort of thing."
"Well then this is the keyboard for you! It has pretty much all the synths you'd need, as well as some good classic house drumkits."
"you bet. Now this may not be your kind of thing, but check this out."
And so he precedes to lay out this shnazzy jazz track. Pretty impressive. Then after all the appropriate oohs and aahs, he looks up and says
"Now I realize that at $3,299, this is probably out of your budget, but that can be worked around. See, we can do layaway-"
"I don't have an income of any kind."
"... oh. Well, if you give me your contact info, we can email you or give you a call next time we have one of our big clearance sales. This baby can get as low as $1,200."
"I"m already a member of the mailing list. I signed up when I bought some VSTs back in December."
"So... you do computer mixing."
"Have a nice day sir." and walked off. I think it was at this point he realized there was no way in hell he could sell me a $3000+ instrument. =/

So there were some good lolz there.

Here's a remix of Last Dance In Copacabana that I found.

Superfunk - Last Dance (Laidback Luke Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Enjoy. :)


prez jordan said...

hahahaha oh guitar center employees.

"sir, i think you should go with this all-purpose mixer, it's only 20 grand"
"im here to buy a synth...and I have no income"
"have a nice day"

in all seriousness, they did try to talk me into buying a $600 korg synth but i just orgasmed over the alesis micron, and i still do to this day.

i wouldve gone with the microkorg had it had bigger keys

Champiness said...

I'm sure that if I were a rich and already-successful Electronix Musician I'd love to shop there...
But for now, I must settle for Djay.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I'm shooting for a vocoder right now. I found out about a rather affordable module vocoder from KGHB, and when i asked them about it, they said definitely go with it because the Micorkorg sux. My basic keyboard has enough sounds in it to get some neat vocode voices, even if it isn't a synthesizer.