Thursday, 26 March 2009

Trip Yaself

Today I want to shine some light on an artist I have never even mentioned on ilictronix, Paul Oakenfold.

For the electronic 1337ists out there, this post may merit nothing from you, but I am writing this on behalf of a recent request. Paul Oakenfold, who according to my iTunes goes by "Oakenfold" (not sure about this?), is a 45-year-old DJ and producer straight out of the land of fish and chips. In my opinion, he is the best trance DJ I've ever listened to.

If you know your resident prez, you know I hate trance. I think it's disgusting and that Tiesto is the cancer of music. If you are mad by that statement, just leave...we don't even want you here :). Oakenfold manages to have the trippy ambience of Trance but also mix in some good good Hip Hop through lyrics and scratching. An amazing combination.

So to the point, I am going to post my three favorite Oakenfold tracks. These are among my most-played in iTunes because they never run out. I can listen to these on repeat and enjoy them every time. If you disagree with my picks, I'm terribly sorry. These, coincidentally, are all from Bunkka.

isn't trance creepy?

The first track is a well-known one. If you've ever watched a YouTube video of a kid 0wning at a video game, you've heard this song. Featuring vocals from some unknown guy (well I don't know him :D) To be honest, this doesn't even sound like trance to me in the beginning, besides the pads in the background. It slowly unfolds and frequently erupts in your face with a true trance explosion. You will like this song.

Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (feat. Asher D) [right click to download]

The next song is much more trancey. This one literally sounds like an acid trip, and I love every minute of it. From the moment it starts, you feel like you're waking up in a club bathroom. Like Ready Steady Go, it slowly unfolds, but never reaches much of a climax. It's a great chill-out song, and a great trance tune.

Oakenfold - Time of Your Life (feat. Perry Farrell) [right click to download]

The last song is popular. If you do not know this song, you are numb. I am simply posting this as a bonus for you to listen to a few times. The first time I heard this a few years ago, I honestly thought it was a disco track at first. It features vocals from VH1 drug-addict Shifty Shellshock of Crazytown fame. Enjoy.

Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise (feat. Shifty Shellshock) [right click to download]

Prez Jordan


Boba Fettuccini said...

Hey hey, don't treat our trance fans that way! I still like trance! i just don't appreciate Cascada's frikken lame muisc videos, and Milk Inc's utter destruction of A-Ha songs...

Boba Fettuccini said...

but yeah, I guess you're right. Trance pretty much sucks a lot of the time XD

Mr. Brown said...

You know milc inc, damn they're too popular

elr0y7 said...

Ah yes, I remember that last track from the commercial for the flavored Sprite or whatever a couple years back, no wait, it was Diet Coke, ahaha!