Saturday, 14 March 2009

What once was funk has become... gunk? Idk.

As you may have noticed, I have been on a bit of a Superfunk kick lately, and for good reason: their funky disco makes filterhouse junkies like me jizz in our pants.

So you can imagine what happened when I was looking at their Discogs page yesterday and saw that they had a new 2008 release. New 2008 release. New. 2008. Release. After I recovered from my cardiac arrest, I hastily searched the internet for this new Superfunk stuff... and uncovered even more. I died. FOrtunately, I undied after that, and started searching for all of it too. Not finding nay MP3s initially, I just sighed a deep sigh of resignation and went to the youtube videos. I cried in despair. If it hadn't said it was Superfunk, I wouldn't have ever guessed that it was...

Superfunk - Electric Dance (Radio Edit) [Right Click To Download]

They also released a new version of their epic hit "The Young MC". What I love so much about this track is that you can hear all the record crackles and stuff. You know for sure that they pulled that record out of Gramma's jazz collection, and that just gives it so much more character... and then when some kid with a thick European accent comes in and starts doing a little MC spiel, you can't help but giggle inside.

Superfunk - The Young MC [Right Click To Download]

The new version is called "Ragga MC". I haven't heard the actual track, but the remixes make me bleed inside, and I'm not even going to bother with them. The vocals are just tossed into a cesspool of soulless, un-heartfelt electro noises like so many spoiled tomatos into the proper disposal area... (I won't say garbage because you should really compost them, but I won't say compost cuz I don't want to come acorss as a tree-huggin hippie).

Another artist that kinda bugs me is Etienne De Crecy... he's good, no doubt about that, and when he went electro, it was still good. But the fact that he started here

Etienne De Crecy - Scratched

and then managed to do this

Etienne De Crecy - Funk (But not very much like funk at all...) [Right Click To Download]

Just disturbs me. By the way, better save this 'Funk', here, it's rare. The Bloody Beetroots did a remix that's everywhere, but the original isn't that easy to come by. ;)

Anyway, as we can see in these examples here, and by Daft Punk's switch from Discovery to Homework, funky/disco house is almost completely dead, and electro has taken over the market. I like electro, but still, it saddens me a great deal. =/

Stay cool everyone, and don't forget it's ok to cry every now and then... *sob*


Mr. Brown said...

It's kinda sad funk is dead, because it is one hell of a thrill to listen too, but I have to admit, when I'm at a party I would want to hear electro to dance too, rather than some funk.

I think that's the problem, funk isn't mainstream danceable enough. Too bad the true fans like us are losing more and more funk because of this.

Anonymous said...

woah, how did you get etienne de crecy - funk?

Champiness said...

...Is it wrong that I enjoy the original "Funk"? It's still plenty House-y in my opinion...
BTW, I think saying Disco House is dead is a bit of an overstatement. Admittedly, it's not as strong as it used to be, but there are plenty of new artists on the horizon with the potential to revive it.

Boba Fettuccini said...

It may appear that way, Champi, but the simple fact of art and fashion is that it moves in cycles: 30 years for fashion, 20 for art and music. So regardless of how many people try to bring it back, music is stuck with 80's influence for a bit longer. It'll be at least another ten years before anything truly disco-ey can take hold,

Anonymous said...

boba fettuccini where did you get funk??

Champiness said...

Know this is a bit late, but I was watching a program about 80's one-hit wonders last night and one of the songs began with the vocal sample from The Young MC.
Watch; you'll get to it pretty quick.