Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Apologies for spelling mistakes, I've been pretty ill for most of the week...

School work sucks.

A Maths test, 10 page English Romeo And Juliet coureswork, a big project about a Fax, a leaflet on Global Warming, annotations for a piece of music and a week long migrane is not good.

However, there are two songs which cheer me up no matter what, Beautiful and Born In Heaven, Beautiful by Raw Man, released on the We Rock Music label. Born In Heaven by Vinyl Fever and released on Vertigo Records.

We all know Raw Man (or by his real name Romain Séo), he produced a few Crydamoure tracks (which are epic, Lovers especially) and was part of the French group We In Music which releases on the We Rock Music (where Beautiful was released) label.

This song truly is, Beautiful.

Raw Man - Beautiful [right click to download]

Next up is Born In Heaven by Vinyl Fever, starts off with a simple riff and adds bass which in my opinion makes the song go from happy to sad within a second and then it's all broken down with simple lyrics and lets us all bounce around in rave-age. The song was truly Born In Heaven.

Vinyl Fever - Born In Heaven [right click to download]

Have fun raving,
Gymtonic :)


Boba Fettuccini said...

Looks like someone raided Solid Goldberger :p said...

The play boxes look weird in this post.

prez jordan said...

Yea I fixed the playboxes, wmode wasn't set to transparent...weird