Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Carpathia, Television, and Why I Love My Cable Internet

I can see why one might choose to name something after Carpathia. It's one of the coolest names ever. Say it a few times: Car-path-ia. Yeah man.

A little bit of Carpathian trivia:
The Carpathian Mountains are the largest mountain range in Europe, extending through Central and Eastern Europe.

The RMS Carpathia rescued survivors from the Titanic after it sank. The captain ordered all unnecessary steam dependent systems shut down so that all power could be dedicated to getting to the emergency site with utmost speed. The Carpathia was sunk in WWI by a German U-Boat.

There are two flipping awesome tracks inspired by Carpathia that I'm posting today.

If you found the third one more interesting than the second, shame on you! Anyway, I think it's about time I post these tracks, eh?

The first one you may have heard before: Carpates, the rather obscure and underhyped B Side to Justice's Waters Of Nazareth maxi several years back. I really like this track, not because it's bangin' and huge like Waters Of Nazareth, but because it isn't at all. It's just a bouncy, crunchy song that makes you want to flail around and go max steam to save some shipwreck survivors in the North Atlantic. At least, that's how I feel. The song makes me feel rather... urgent. I can easy picture a full-blown music video of this song about the RMS Carpathia's daring and heroic rescue.

Justice - Carpates
[Right Click To Download]

Second off, I have something you probably haven't heard! This guy, Mihai Popoviciu, put out an EP called Televised Society which has a rather simplistic, moogish sound to most of it's tracks. The EP is great, and I'll post the title track later (it's a little explicit, but it's all trufax about televised society) but for today I just have the rather odd piece Deep Into Carpathian Woods. This track makes me feel like I'm lost. Just utterly, completely LOST. And all around, all sides, are these little red eyes peeking at me from the shadows. The moon isn't visible at all, and there's an eerie mist crawling along the ground. Ehhhh. o_o I'm getting shivers just typing it all out.

Mihai Popoviciu - Deep IntoCarpathian Woods
[Right Click To Download]

Aw, to heck with it. I'll put up Televised Society while I'm at it.

Warning to 'lil Kiddies: This song uses words like bitch, pimp, and ho. If your mommy and daddy don't like that kind of language, wear headphones.

"The shallow crap; the shallow crap invading souls.
You are forgetting; you're forgetting all your goals.
Gunshot wounds; gunshot wounds and bullet holes.
Snitches and bitches; snitches, bitches, pimps and hoes.

Televised society! Televised society! Televised society! Televised society!

I couldn't agree more. That's what a lot of new programming seems to glorify somehow or another. Except he forgot about the indiscriminate sex, drugs, smoking, alcoholism, and pointless foul language. Oh well. I suppose I can do a similar song and cover all the points he missed.

Mihai Popoviciu - Televised Society
[Right Click To Download]

I love my cable internet. File transfers take about a minute max. But here on DSL, Deep In Carpathian Woods takes 25 minutes. GRAGH.

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