Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dance Dance Dance Yeaaaah

No, I'm not going to post &Down. It's just that I've had nothing but D.A.N.C.E and &Down going through my head after my first experiment with the ancient art of dancing. Though for years I've been be-bopping around my room to whatever music I was into at the time, I've never actually danced. Then Friday night that kinda changed.

I play saxophone in the Sounders Intermediate Jazz Band. Friday night, we were one of the bands playing for a multi-school swing dance. I had a couple big solos including the tenor solo on the famous song In The Mood, which i totally biffed when someone on the floor made eye contact with me and I lost track of my music... anyway, that's not the point. After our last song, a delegation made up of three or four of my friends, my math tutor (one of the chaperons) and one of my other friends and her dad (who is a trombone player for one of the bands) came up to me and dragged me out to the floor by my collar where she taught me how to swing dance. Well, now after about 30 minutes of solid "Left step, right step, backstep, left step, right step, backstep, now hands together and petzel..." I can only really think of one song to go with that. Gymtonic.

Now I'm not going to go into details, as Gymtonic, my fellow writer, did that already. Seems to me all the old Fileden based posts are dead, so here's the track again.

Bob Sinclar - Gymtonic
[Right Click To Download]

Now a few things I've heard flitting around the internet here are either parodizing or plain ripping off the Gymtonic track. I personally like both!

I read somewhere (sadly a somewhere which doesn't come to mind now) that Groovy 69 did this track to make fun of the whole Gymtonic Bob vs. Thomas mixup. They credit T. Bangalter, A. Quema, and B. Cohen as songwriters in addition to themselves, so it's not done shadily or anything. I find it kind of funny. Just a note, you've most likely seen this song MISTAKENLY LABELED as a Music Sounds Better With You remix by Cassius. It's not, despite the claims of the stubborn youtube video poster.

Groovy 69 - Stardust Medley With Dust
[Right Click To Download]

This is just another one of those cheap commercialized ripoffs like the one So Much Love To Give ripoff done by that Australian commercial dance group. Doesn't mean it isn't cool. I think of it as a remix, and that puts my mind at ease. You go, Spacedust! Just don't parodize my favorite bands again!

Spacedust - Gym & Tonic
[Right Click To Download]

Eh? Pretty neato, eh?

And in relationship to the Todd Edwards mix of Technologic, here's an official track done in a similar style. He's much more synth oriented lately. I don't have a good MP3, so here's a youtube vid instead.

See? Synth. The Technologic remix is 100% legit, I guarantee you. Even though it's synths, think about it: what would the osng sound like if those melodies were played by microsamples instead of synths? See??? It's still his melodic style.

Cya guys.

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