Friday, 17 April 2009

Dangerous Noises at Noon

I have been waiting for a long time to post again about the first artist i posted about here, Danger.

For those of you who dont know, Danger is Franck Rivoire, a French graphic designer, that decided to make music (kinda like Justice, actually). He has recently launched a new EP, called 09/16 2007, or EP III, which is released in limited vinyl edition and is coming out digitally Monday.

But im not gonna talk about the EP. First of all, because the EP is a bit of a let-down, but mainly because i got something more interesting for you.

I found this track yesterday, after finding it hidden deep down Danger's charts and making some googling. Its not on either EP, hasnt been released, and the only place you can hear it is in his Trashbags set. (i think, if someone has more please tell me)

It is called 12h38, and it should be released on his album, that will be coming out someday, eventually.

It has several mutations throughout the track. It sarts low on bass, with his traditional 8-bit like synths and lots of distorted beats and other stuff.
Towards the middle, it gets very sttutery and after that takes a more dark side, with an awesome bassline and a background synth line to help out the massive amounts of hat. A little break with a "click", and back to the beggining bit with some roars into the mix.
It then becomes dirty, with the bassline more proeminent, but the main elements also suffering changes.
Towards the end, it calms down, sticking with the bassline, a beat, some bongos and a high pitched synth in the middle, to finish with a simple beat and a little distortion.

Danger - 12h38 [right click to download]

And now picture this: Boys Noize, who makes some of the dirtiest tracks (sound-wise) out there and Danger. And what do you get? Ear destruction, the way its supposed to be.

Danger remixed Boys Noize's Oh!, one of the main tracks of his album. Unfairly not put in the remix album, this remix is an absolute killer.

Starting off with the original's more high-pictched, faster and not so echoey hats, then comes a bassline, followed by the main synth, distortion and then... Oh!
We start off with a strong beat, the original synths, the robotic vocals, Danger's own synths, noise and whatnot. Stutters, and then a little slow down, just with Danger's synths and the vocals, along with the beat, only to gradually come back to its beggining.
Danger somehow manages to put in a melody into his work, and it fits in perfectly with the rest of this track. 8-bit sounding synths also come in.
Towards the end, a small slow down, to return quickly and then one of the best parts: A slightly high-pitched synth comes and with a simple line completely makes everything better.
After that the elements start to go away, as we finish off a lot of high pitched noises.

If you listen to this on crappy headphones loudly, your ears will hurt and you will lose some more hearing. But to be honest, who cares? This cant be better, and its what happens when Boys Noize and Danger have a child together.

Boys Noize - NeOh!Pen (Danger Remix) [right click to download]

I see i used the word "synths" a lot. I apologise if i made any mistake, but i cant really think of any other instrument that could make such sounds.


Not being arsed turning around,


Boba Fettuccini said...

We can't be arsed into turning around, you've come with us and we've got the sound haha.

Anyway, yeah, synths. It's pretty much all any of these guys use.

Boba Fettuccini said...

just out of curiosity, how is the new EP a letdown?

Alex said...

Well 2 of the tracks (7h46 and 00h01) are tracks that have been more spreaded around than AIDS and theres only one "new" track.

Havent heard the remix yet though.

Tyler said...

Thanks for posting these!! I'm always looking for more Danger! Just 23 more days until I get to see him LIVE in Cleveland!! AAAHHHHHHH

dAVid said...

sick thanks for 12h38..never heard it before. stoked to see Danger with LA Riots in Toronto next month !!

Moonshine Graffiti said...

I've heard this song, he has a short 2 min clip of it in some of his sets. Never knew it was called 12h38 however, thanks! Actually, the end bass-line in this song his the intro to another unnamed song from his sets, which is downright phenominal...the one song I'm looking forward to hearing the most.

GROmeanT said...

Really good! Danger is awesome, and so does this blog.

Galen said...

I definetly detect the "wildcat roar" from ratatat in 12h38 xD