Monday, 6 April 2009

Darling, what's that sound?

I'll tell you what's that sound. Its the sound of choppy beats, 80's samples, happy vibes, and nostalgia.

All this can be summed up into 2 words: French House.

As you know, the french club scene has taken a dirtier path and gone to electro. But now, some artists are trying to bring it back to cleaner roads of the mid-90's.

This next track is a great example. Made by relatively unknown artist, Axel Le Baron:

this track brings you back to the days where Crydamoure, We Rock, Roulé and others were being played in the main clubs of Europe.
Axel is the co-founder of Darling Records, a brand new label that has already signed names such as Eric Chédeville (1/2 of Le Knight Club) and Romain Tranchart (1/2 of Modjo).

This track is, so far, the only release made by this label, but new singles and EP's are soon to come.

Appropriately called "Primary School", it starts off with a series of chopped bits and bobs, then a beat comes in there, and bits of the actual song come in, and at about 30 seconds in, it begins.
A track thats obviously sampled, with a drum kick and a 909 hat on the side. Like all good French House tracks, its repetitive, and these 3 elements remain virtually the same for the 5 minutes that the track lasts. Of course there are some changes, but everything stays pretty much the same.
It then prgressively removes the elements until its just the drum kick, which slows down to a halt.

Lets hope this track and the others to come, can revive the spirit and greatness of the original French House.

Here it is:
Axel Le Baron - Primary School [right click to download]

And as a bonus, this is how things were in the late 90's/early 00's:
Le Knight Club - Gator [right click to download]


Bringing back the good old days,


Champiness said...

French House is just so incredible... why did it ever die?

Gymtonic said...

Ahhh Gator, one of my all time top songs...
This version seems a bit different to mine, my beats at the beginning have more of an echo to them, still epic nonetheless <3

I really hope French House makes it's big comeback :)

prez jordan said...

Louis La Roche is making an attempt, but I'm afraid the world will never be ready for the subtle-ness of classic, classic french house, like most tracks off the Homework album. In my opinion, the world finds anything without a booming bass and cut up vocals boring. lol

I like the new-ish disco-heavy french house. Maybe tbang will help out with the new daft punk album lol said...

French house sounds like the combination of two different kinds of dressing.

Ed Banger Kids said...

True house is incredibly hard to make. Especially b/c people have really lost the true essence of house music. And they create something that doesn't hold the roots of house AT ALL.