Sunday, 12 April 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

Well, ive been discovering quite a lot of new music during this Spring Break, and i'd love to talk about them all, but it would be annoying to make back-to-back posts. For me, for you and for the rest of the team.

So, ill write about most of them, on this post!

First of all, Van She.

This australian quartet has been making sucess with their hit, Kelly. And with the names that remixed it, it could only get better. As far as I know, Lifelike, M83, Cut Copy, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke and Breakbot have remixed this. Damn good group.

For today, M83. This french group takes a different poppy and happy vibe of the original to turn it into something very melodic.
Using various synths, guitars, pianos, and so on, they turn the dial down to 5, for a nice chill track, that is exactly what a remix should be. Different. Oh, Kelly.

VanShe - Kelly (M83 Remix) [right click to download]

Next up is Heads We Dance. They have been posted about recently, so i wont go into much detail about them.

This track is a cover they did for the Buffetlibre Rewind 2 project. Its a cover of Kraftwerk's Computer Love.
Very bassy, its also a relaxing track, with smooth synths and simple vocals, just like the original.
Its also available on their Myspace for free, but heck, here's easier.

Heads We Dance - Computer Love (Kraftwerk Cover)(BL Rewind 2) [right click to download]

Now, Pony Pony Run Run.

And now you wonder "Who?". Thats what i did when i received this on my some time ago.
They were a 5-man (4 now, one of them left) French band, that began in 2004, and are creating an album as we speak, that due to be released on June 15th.
This track is called, "Hey You", which was also released not long ago.

With captivating vocals, it uses a high pitched synth and a keyboard to do some "bleep-blop" sounds, along with the usual guitar and bass. Kinda reminds of Phoenix, but in a different level.

Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You [right click to download]

To finish it off, You Love Her Coz She's Dead. Sadistic little name, eh?

This british duo are signed with Kitsuné, one of the best labels right now, and released their debut EP, last year.
Many people say that they are a copy of Crystal Castles, but these guys, i can actually stand listening. Most Crystal Castles tracks are a clusterfuck of sounds, that doesnt really seem to go anywhere, and lets face it, Alice Glass has the singing abilities of a brick.

Moving on, this track is called "Superheroes", which is YLHCSD's main theme.
Beginning with a 8-bit sound pitching up, it immediately explodes on your face with a massive beat, and using other synths, the vocals just fit in pefectly. I just dont like the fact that its too short, under 3 minutes.

You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Superheroes [right click to download]

That's it. A slightly big post, but theres a lot to talk about. So enjoy!

Needing a rendez-vous,


Anonymous said...

maybe you're listening to the wrong crystal castles tracks because you are not describing the crystal castles band i listen to. crimewave, untrust us, courtship dating are simple and great pop songs. they do not have a "clusterfuck of sounds that go nowhere". seriously you listened to the wrong band.

you love her cos she's dead are okay but i'd rather listen to the originals (crystal castles).

Alex said...

Then what about Alice Practice, xxzxcuzx me, 1991 and Knights?

I admit i like some songs, like Reckless, Magic Spells and Vanished, but stil...

YLHCSD isnt the same as CC, becuase it has a different... texture, lets say. They're more smooth.

yoonrs said...

would it be so wrong of me to post new phoenix on our blog?

-- we've been holding onto the entire album for so long -- itching to get it out....

Alex said...

I dont think its a big problem... after all, almost every other blog has posted about it.

yoonrs said...

well then... =) at least it gives me a few songs for the next few days.

Joe said...

DAMN! You beat me to a YLHCSD post!

Joe said...

I like YLHCSD better than CC because Alice Glass is just fucking terrifying whereas YLHCSD are altogether less frightening and more FUN FUN FUN. I still love CC's album though.

And anon, why are you calling CC "the originals"? They didn't invent anything, people have been making 8-bit music for years.

Ubbs said... used to be my favorite blog!

Does it Offend you Yeah are hit and miss... and I want more hits

Anonymous said...

Knights by Crystal Castles is so fucking beautiful. I wish it went on for days.

You Love Her Cos She's trying to imitate Crystal Castles.

vila said...

YLHCSD tries to sound like CC; too bad =(