Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How Big of a Fan Are You?

No artists here...just the blog. If you're color blind, I use 'blue + black' to make a sexy and shiny layout for all of you to enjoy. However, how many of you actually know what color I use? So why not have some fun with this? :)

This image is meant to throw you off.

Cheat all you want, do whatever. Comment what color you think it is (the shade of blue found in the logo, borders, headers, etc...).

Winner gets something special, I'm only picking one.

Prez Jordan

EDIT: If more are correct, I'll choose one at random
EDIT 2: The image attached is a throw-off.


Anonymous said...

thats light blue... innit?? :)

Hannes said...

#66b6ff or rgb(102, 182, 255)

Hannes said...

Sorry, There shoul've been a 5 there "#66b5ff"

Kevin L. said...

ah, damn..hannes beat me to it

Kevin L. said...
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Kevin L. said...

maya blue.

if i'm right, you have to do that t-shirt idea for me

Kevin L. said...


aka 73c2ff

p.s. maya blue is 73c2fb, so i wasnt far off.

sorry for owning your competition.

prez jordan said...

Keep trying, Hannes might not be right.

I will choose a winner out of all those who guess correctly.

Maybe the image posted was a throwoff >.> <.<

Kevin L. said...

you sly devil, you!!!!

Kevin L. said...


Kevin L. said...

you also have used some other shades of blue like crystal castle (7dc4e8) and 018cd3 which does not appear to have a specific name.

Also, 006294 and 99aadd have been used.

Skyest (66b5ff) remains the most prevalent shade of blue.

Hannes said...

soo, what's up with this?^^

prez jordan said...

haha hannes you won, i dont have a prize tho. it was just a joke