Thursday, 9 April 2009

Joe's Essential Guide To 90's Dance, Part 2

I finally got around to doing a second installment. So, I've been in Edinburgh for the last few days, and while I was there I hit the record store and grabbed a few fairly rare Chemical Brothers singles, and so that re-sparked my love for the 90's Big Beat movement. So I'll be sharing some tracks from two of the biggest pioneering acts in Big Beat.

First up is today's early 90's track, by The Prodigy. Legendary for their controversial music videos, frequent genre-hopping and explosive live shows, their third album, The Fat Of The Land, was a Big Beat classic, featuring three of their best selling singles, Breathe, Firestarter, and the understandably controversial acid stomper Smack My Bitch Up.
Today though, I'll be taking you back to before Big Beat, to Prodigy's hardcore rave work from 1991, more specifically their debut single (unless you count the limited edition What Evil Lurks EP). The single, Charly, even sparked off the sub-genre of "toytown" or "kiddy-rave", which makes use of the sampling of cartoon themes, nursery rhymes or generally anything that's kiddy. (Charly sampled one of the 1970s "Charley Says..." public information films)

The real standout of this single for me though was one of the B-sides, the original mix of Your Love. (A remixed version was included in Prodigy's debut album, Experience)

The Prodigy - Your Love [Right Click To Download]

And as a bonus, here's the remix that was included on Experience.

The Prodigy - Your Love (Remix) [Right Click To Download]

And as my late 90's track (like, really REALLY late 90's track), I've chosen, of course, a Chemical Brothers track. One of the singles I grabbed from the record store in Edinburgh was Let Forever Be, taken from the Chems' 1999 album, Surrender, whose poster is currently adorning my bedroom wall. Anyway, the b-side to the LFB single was a track called Studio K, which is actually a dub mix of their album track The Sunshine Underground. Occasionally mixed into their live sets, the track is one of those on the album where the Chems move away from Big Beat towards more of a house sound. This one however, loses none of the psychedelia associated with their Big Beat work, opening with calm sitars and a slow beat, eventually building up to an explosion of exotic beats and trippy super-freakouts. There is also a band of the same name who named themselves after it. This is up there with my favourite Chems songs of all time.

The Chemical Brothers - The Sunshine Underground [Right Click To Download]

You stay classy, Planet Earth!

- Joe


Kevin L. said...

lol i considered posting Your Love so many times, nice...I love the prodigy

Kevin L. said...

also,is that your love remix called the "Tightly Wound" remix? or maybe its "Unwound"...i forgot

Joe said...

No, it's just called Your Love (Remix). You're thinking of the Wind It Up single.

Champiness said...

Incroyable! These are really some 90's classics. I myself love The Sunshine Underground.

Kevin L. said...

ahhh hahahaha of course, that was pretty dumb of me

Dj Lex said...


Dj Lex said...

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Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik said...

Caught the big bad Big Beat bug when I worked in this pub on Farringdon Rd in London in 95/96. Chem Bros, Fatboy, Kahuna's, Jon Carter etc played whilst I served beer to muppeted punters in the downstairs converted cellar. Love that shit, still playing it at the right gigs. Nice one.