Sunday, 19 April 2009

A little preparation...

Right, I'm off to see Basement Jaxx live today, so I'm trying to fill my day with as much of their tracks as possible. So here's a couple of classic singles from the Jaxx back catalogue.

Basement Jaxx - Samba Magic [Right Click To Download]

Basement Jaxx - Red Alert [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,

- Joe


Ed Banger Kids said...

Classics. I wish they would return to the more dirty sound they had before with the "Remedy" album.

Ah well.

Joe said...

My god. Just got back from the gig. It was INCREDIBLE! It was lovely to see them play "Twerk". I love that track so much. They even included a little sample from Technologic too!

Milllsie said...

loved their early stuff to death - ratcliffe city dreams, be free, fly life. but they've started to lose me album by album as they gone more pop. great Djs tho & Rainbows is v catchy

Joe said...

You mean Raindrops? Yes, it is very catchy. The gig I went to was the first time they'd performed it live apparently.