Thursday, 23 April 2009

Make Some Noize

No, it's not "& Down". Today I'll be posting two tracks from Alex Ridha's Boysnoize Records label.

First is French producer Strip Steve. He first emerged with his Skip School EP on Boysnoize records, before sharing a limited split release with Das Glow on the Arcade Mode label, with Das Glow's "Sunburnt" on the A-side and his own "Skatin" on the B-side. Possessing a sound lodged somewhere in the void between electro and French house, his tracks are hard to resist.

Strip Steve - You & I [Right Click To Download]

Strip Steve - Tommy Boy [Right Click To Download]

Next, Puzique. Puzique is a side-project duo made up of Boys Noize and label-mate D.I.M. The duo teamed up and released "Thomas", their first EP as Puzique, in 2006. The next year they followed that with the "Don't Go" EP. As a duo they've also done remixes for Villeneuve, Freelance Hellraiser and Boys Noize himself.

Puzique - Relaxe! [Right Click To Download]

Villeneuve - Oh No (Puzique Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,

- Joe


Ed Banger Kids said...

Boys Noize label has consistently had great records.

Joe said...

Got that right. A lot of people say that Oi Oi Oi Remixed was a disappointment, but I disagree.

CuiSiNeaNXiouS said...

Thanx for the villeneuve remix...I missed it