Thursday, 23 April 2009

Mash-up Madness II

Hi there, I've been busy but I'm a man of my word and I will provide my promised content. Amongst the first songs I posted on this blog were some mash-ups, and today you can all add these next beauties to your mash-up collection.

First up is a mix between Blame It On The Boogie by The Jackson 5 and Sexual Healing by Marvin Gay with some Real 2 Real vocals in there, it's funky as hell:

Mashup - Blame It On The Sex [right click to download]

Now, we had a request by a guest named Loki to post some more crowdpleasing/vocalistic tracks and because of that these next tracks might be too commercial for some of you guys, but my aim is to please all our fans.
I present to you: Kiss by Prince with some Sexyback samples put into it.

Mashup - Sexy Kiss [right click to download]

and a Radio Soulwax mash-up called excuse is in NY, you can recognise NY excuse and Deelite...

Radio Soulwax - Excuse Is In NY [right click to download]

Next are some Bootlegs my befriended DJ Neurotique created, so all the credit goes to him. The songs are made to be played at parties, so they're mixable and have some known vocals and tunes in them.

DJ Neurotique - Bump To Be Delirious [right click to download]

DJ Neurotique - Groovewatchers VS ODB [right click to download]

Hope you like em?
Mr. Brown


prez jordan said...

Sexy Kiss has to be one of the best mashups I've ever heard, and one of the most danceable tracks ever.

kodyM said...

yo whats up man...dig your blog...i am a dj i just started my own blog...trying to get a feel for it...real quick, i am trying to get some mp3 up on my blog...with the same flashplayer you guys have ....what website or how do i go about getting mp3's on my blog...if you wouldnt mind maybe helping me out that would be epic

Ed Banger Kids said...

"blame it on the sex"