Monday, 6 April 2009

Me & Her EP Review

Sorry for the double post, but i just couldnt wait.

Thanks to our mate Tyler, i got my hands on Louis La Roche's new EP, called Me & Her, which was released a few hours ago.

Compared to The Peach EP, it is a more grown up set of tracks, also a bit more creative, but never losing that feel of greatness that you got from The Peach EP.

You start off with Me & Her, which starts off with the track with only bass, then a girly scream and then it begins.
Small vocal samples are proeminent, same for a strong drum kick, a simple guitar line and a somewhat high-pitched synth. These are the main elements of the track. Halfway, a build up begins, only to return to where we were.
The track enters a small bass breakdown, and goes back to the normal track until the elements peel off 1 by 1 before the end.

Be Brave has already been posted here, so ill skip this track. The version posted earlier is in 256kbps, the one i have is in 320kbps, so if you want it, contact me.

Distant Lovers is the 3rd track. This is a very diferent track, mainly in one big thing. And quote: "Louis La Roche's Talkbox Mayhem".
Thats right, LLR himself sings here, using a talkbox. Even though the lyrics are hard to understand sometimes, it obvious its about love and grief about the lovers being apart.
As for the instrumental, it starts immediately with a simple beat, small build up, and as you hear him "hmmmmmm", a synth line that sounds kinda trancey comes in, but that goes away buildup and a bassline assists the talkbox and beat.
About halfway comes a buildup, and that trancey synth comes back along with bongos and other stuff. This part is chilled, before another build up and a simple synth line comes in and also a tweak of his talkboxing is heard in the background.
Ends simple, just like Me & Her.

The finale is Sunshine Hotel, played already by Annie Mac at Radio 1.

It starts off with a strong beat, a guitar, and then the sampled vocals come in and 30 seconds in the vocals stutter and we begin.
A bassline comes in to help out the rest of the song until another the beat changes a bit , but that comes back to normal after a short while.
The vocals will then get a bit stuttery, until the end that, as usual, loses elements until the end.

In retrospect i give this EP a 9.5/10. Only cons are the fact that its too short and too expensive ($8 for a 4 track EP? God damn...)

Loving at the distance,

EDIT: We have been asked by Louis's manager to remove the tracks, sorry.


Gymtonic said...

The only song I really like are Be Brave and Distant lovers, the other 2 just don't really appeal to me, much prefer The Peach EP.

Gymtonic said...

Also, any word on I Delete Myself?

Champiness said...

Love it. You're right about it being expensive, though... thankfully this is one of those free-download blogs.

prez jordan said...

You mean communal sharing blogs that don't send music maliciously. said...

when you download music you download communism.

Dj_Waybig said...

Just a little note: Distant Lovers was sang by talkbox mayhem.

Over all review, I loved this ep. All the songs were good. They all remind me of the previous album only more mature. Be Brave and Distant Lovers stood out. Distant Lovers reminds me of Something About Us with Talkbox Mayhem's Digital Love cover. Be Brave reminds me of Robot Rock only a little more danceable.

Champiness said...

Sorry... sorta misworded it. I didn't mean to imply anything illegal. :(

Joe said...

Actually, a guy called Talkbox Mayhem does vox for Distant Lovers...

Chris Mayhew AKA "Mayhem" said...

Glad to see some people found out the vocal was by me :) Don't forget to send in your remix!