Sunday, 26 April 2009

More new Justice!

Following their love-it-or-hate-it rework of U2, it appears Justice are back with another one (citation needed), this time of Lenny Kravitz's "Let Love Rule". This one's a lot more of a crowd pleaser than the U2 remix, and sounds like it's destined to soundtrack the end of drunken office parties for years to come.

Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,



Champiness said...

Thank you for bringing this wonderful piece of music to my ears. Incidentally, my mother is a huge Kravitz fan. Have yet to break the news to her. :)

DJPixcell said...

Thanks for posting..

This track has lead me to believe justice is getting lazy. This has no wow factor, at all. I used to love Justice's remixes, but these last 2 have been terrible!

prez jordan said...

They're beyond mainstream now.

But don't blame them, when were they ever not "music-industry-influenced." Before Cross they were basically unknown and now they're just machines.

Idk, I still like em.

Mstr MJ said...

Hey, i read all the comments before make mine and i think that they're still pretty good band! I like what they do (besides U2 Rework and just because is U2 and i don't like them)...

Anyway, i think this a wonderful Rework, cuz even though the sound is more quiet and less bounce, the rythim is just like the original Lenny Kravtiz's song which is sexy and funk. They kept that and i really appreciate that cuz that's what Lenny Kravtiz used to be (not anymore).

BTW, i love what Lenny Kravitz use to play, a while ago...