Sunday, 5 April 2009

No More Bass! Please!

Well, if you haven't noticed our new site slogan, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Yes, our goal is now "shutting up the world with loud bass". And if Ilictronix is meant to give the masses loud bass, well then, I'm gonna do my best to give you some.

First up is a preview from Dark DJ's W.I.P. album, "Darkness".

"Needs More Bass" is a squelchy, slightly offbeat slice of ambiance. For those of you readers out there who are unacquainted with Thomas Dibden, it's meant to be minimalistic. That's his style. It starts out rather harshly, but quickly becomes a very hospitable, if a bit, if you'll excuse the absolutely necessary term, dark track.

Dark DJ - Needs More Bass [right click to download]

The next track is slightly less recent, but all the more powerful for it. It's an older release from Electromatic, a remix of one of his more minimalistic tracks which was made for, of all things, a school project. The House Version of "Boo Radley Project" can only be described as Gothic House: it starts out with a short 8-bit tone that quickly gets backed by a synth... and then explodes in a black-and-white fury of bass. Somewhat morbid, but dramatic, haunting, and most of all danceable, this is a must-download.

Electromatic - Boo Radley Project (House Version) [right click to download]

And to top this post off, like a toxic cherry on the parfait of doom, I give you...

While I'll be covering this deliciously talented Belgian DJ in greater detail later on, for now he's just the provider of something veeeery dirty. Indeed, he proclaims it in the track's title, and as such I will preemptively warn you that while the lyrics themselves are in no way suggestive, the vocal samples become a bit... fervored in their praise of the music. But that hardly matters over a screaming bassline such as this.

Coone ft. Ronald V - This Is Dirty [right click to download]

Well, maybe this post is a little boring in comparison to "NEW JUSTICE REMIX!!!!!!OMG", but I think you'll like everything I've given you today.

Reminding you that THIS IS A REMIX,
Champi :)


prez jordan said...

lol, please dont skew the images with incorrect width and height attributes. Make sure you retain proportion.

Also, don't leave an empty line after /div or /center, a new paragraph is automatically started.

prez jordan said...

hahahahaha Boo Radley YESSSSS i just read that

also, im unable to DL needs more bass

Gymtonic said...

ooh, liking the vocal sample in BRP <3

and if there is one thing i love about DDJ, is how he starts off with something plain and simple and just builds it all up to make me scream and shake my head :)