Saturday, 4 April 2009

Please Don't Kill Frau.

This song may kill it, but I swear to Barbara it's worth every minute.

Heard the Waters Of Nazareth Release Party mix by Justice? About 5 mins in, just after Nazis (Justice Remix), Modeselektor's Kill Bil Vol. 4 creeps in and completely takes over with Frau sneaking in.

Epic, I know.

Two German Artists + A Pair Of Justice Spreading French Dudes = <3

Modeselektor vs Boys Noize - Kill Bill Vol 4. / Frau (Justice Live @ WoZ Party Mashup) [right click to download]

PS. I know, it's a set rip, but it's good quality and it's pure sex.

Have fun raving,
Gymtonic :)


Kevin L. said...

i think I would have liked that song much more if it wasn't so fuzzy sounding...for a second i thought i had blown out my speakers lol

knos said...

Why the hell does everyone think everything justice does is brilliant? Frau is such an easy song to mix in, especially when you're using ableton like justice does.

Gymtonic said...

knos: just because Justice did it does not mean it's excellent, it's all about how it sounds, I couldn't give two shits who made it, as long it's good I don't care. Frau is an easy song to mix in, that's why it sounds so good; sometimes the simple things can be better :)

Kevin said...

This would be a pretty dope track in 320. I would rock this for at least a week before going deaf. Thanks for posting anyway. *Hypem Heart*

Jimmy TRUELOVE said...

How is this in any way shape or form good quality?

knos said...

Gymtonic: Ok, so you think it sounds THAT good? It has no flow to it whatsoever! Plus, why the hell post this as a "mash-up" if not to get some attention on hypem? It's just an fragment of a mix!

GC said...

i like justice but my coffee table does better mixes than this

ELVIA said...

it is pure, addictive sex!! xxx.