Friday, 3 April 2009

A Prezidential Address

Get ready to think I'm insane, but I feel like blurbing about something that's been on my mind for a while. Like most people who listen to electronic, guessing genres can end up being embarassing, but the fact is...there are many gray areas. But I'm not here to define genres, go to Ishkur for that.

However, I do have something to declare. We all know French House is funky shit, and it makes for great walking music. This leads me to believe, that I wish to carve out a section of French House known as Fashion House.

Now, at first, I assumed this had already been thought of, but a Google search yielded no results. While it is known that many of our favorite french artists create mixes, I don't it is decisive enough to declare a subgenre.

What the hell am I talking about? I honestly do not know, but a few songs in my collection immediately make me think of fashion. And while many of these songs can be found blasting in Abercrombie and Fitch's around the globe, I don't think they receive enough recognition as "Fashion House."

Below I have listed 5 tracks which I believe constitute as "Fashion House." Why? Perhaps it's the tempo (each are around 126 BPM, which is a little faster than a majority of French House tracks). Maybe it's the slide synth riffs, or the 5th chords. If I tried to guess, I'd be talking out of my ass, which is something I do not want to do.

So here they are, what do you folks think? Do they differ enough to be grouped into a subgenre known as "Fashion House"?

Cosmos - Take Me With You [click to download]

Play Paul - Spaced Out 2 [click to download]

Louis La Roche - Be Brave [click to download]

The Presets - Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix) [click to download]

*sniffle sniffle* The first track posted. Ah how I reminisce.

Sebastien Leger - We Are [click to download]

Prez Jordan


Champiness said...

Mmm... tasty tracks! You may have just invented a very sleek genre right there. I'll be sure to use the term whenever I'm discussing tracks like this.

Pat Lok said...

yep, I've thought the same thing about fashion house for awhile. it could also be called handbag house.

Anonymous said...

fashion house? what exactly would be the point of creating yet another genre to categorize music into? and such an inane choice at that. i would suggest putting efforts into something actually worthwhile rather than prattling on about mindless drivel.

Anonymous said...

The link for Spaced Oou II doesn't work:( Can you fix it please.