Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Say, What Kinda Musique ya Like?

The time has come...for me to announce my favorite tracks of all time. I've had this post planned since I started ilictronix back in August, but I decided to hold it off until it got a little more popular. Anyway, now is the time.

So, you guys might have been wonder, "Prez Jordan, why are you so attractive?" or "Prez Jordan, why are you so cool?" and the truth is, I cannot answer those questions. What I can answer is, what are you favorite tracks ever.

Let's get down to business here, I like french house, a lot. You may call it disco-house, filter-house, or ever tekfunk. My favorite band happens to be Daft Punk, they're a pretty unknown band that play some pretty minimalistic shows in Belgian basements, so you may've never heard of them. But I'm not hear to flaunt about Daft Punk. While you probably have heard these tracks before, I'm not showing you new music, this post is all about me...ME.

Let's take a voyage back to 1997, when a French man by the name of Alain Quême released a track so good, my kindergarten brain simply could not handle it. You may know how as Alan Braxe (a homage to his home town). To kick off the list, I have two tracks from Roulé's ever-famous Vertigo EP

Alan Braxe - Vertigo [right click to download]

And the remix by my favorite french person ever...

Alan Braxe - Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter's Virgo Edit) [right click to download]

Our next track is one that started it all here at ilictronix. I have posted this twice before, and I'm not giving any more explanation. It's good, it's french, it's french house (or cheese).

Sebastien Leger - We Are [right click to download]

And finally, my favorite track ever...ever.

Let's take another trip back to 2002. This year is probably my favorite year ever for french house. For some reason, it just went wild. The beats started getting crunchier, and the sounds started getting sexier. Maybe it was the release of Discovery that influenced people. I'm no music analyst, so I cannot tell you exactly what happened. Expect a post soon on 2002 French House.

Cosmos - Take Me With You [right click to download]

So that's all I have to say. This music is sexy, it's repetitive, and above all, it's french. A lot of you may complain about this post, but I assure you these tracks are anything but mainstream. Yes, I know they're repetitve, but it doesn't bother me one bit. Instead of orgasming once to a particular riff, I get to orgasm over and over again.

Wow...I almost forgot one. I uploaded it but never posted! Oh well, this one also happens to be among my favorites. This is a 1999 track from some more Frenchies, Davis Mouyal and Romain Trachart, who combine to create Funk Legacy. My collection of them is small, but boy can they write some good funky french house. This track was released under Vertigo 002 on the B-side of "What U Gonna Do Baby" (which I own, but in shitty quality).

Funk Legacy - Electronet [right click to download]

Ah Bon Vie,
Prez Jordan


Boba said...

I think you'll find that What U Gonna DO Baby actually sounds like that on the vinyl too.

I'm also pretty sure that was Funk Legacy's only release. You'd have to check me on that though.

Boba said...

Aha, yeah, it was. Only release. Where di you get your MP3s of it from? Cuz I have the whle EP as well, maybe my files are better quality than yours? if we got em at the same place though, then they wouldn't...

prez jordan said...

I think I got the tracks from Solid Goldberger, he emailed them to me.

prophet said...

I guess i couldn't agree more with this post!

I would also include "Ventura / Into The Tunnel" by Bangalter.

Jack said...

This remix/bootleg of Cosmos' Take Me With You brings a sort of update - Unmissable if you don't already have it!