Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sex Up Some Rock

I have so much music, that no matter what mood I'm in, I'll have something to listen to. This week, I've been listening to nothing but electro remixes of rock songs, perhaps I'm horny, or I want to kill someone, go figure. here are my favorites.

The first comes from Justice's Documentary Soundtrack, a remix of Metallica's Master Of Puppets. It's very hard, and the crowd cheering is very annoying. PS: Buy the Documentary DVD, it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Justice - Final (Metallica) [right click to download]

The next comes from my favorite bleed-my-ears musician, SebastiAn. I love this guy to death, and I try my hardest to not post only about him and seem biased, but fuck it, it's my blog. This remix is pretty amazing, but a lot of people seem to disagree. Listen for yourself. Hey, it's worth the download.

SebastiAn - Killing in the Name of SebastiAn [right click to download]

And a bonus, partially as a preview for my upcoming SebastiAn EP reviews.

SebastiAn - Untitled [right click to download]

Enjoy, and get rockin,
Prez Jordan


Champiness said...

Why not cite the original RATM track?
I actually have a funny story about how I discovered that the SebA remix was of this, but I won't make this reply long-winded...

Dirtay Dishragggs said...

This was such a crappy doc.... totally highlights how douchey Justice really is. I love their music but those guys are toolbags. Want to see a good doc? Watch Soulwax's Part of the Weekend Never Dies..... leaves Across the Universe in the dust.

HazMat said...

I think that, whilst 'A Cross The Universe' is a good video, they do themselves no favours whatsoever. Bottling innocent fans and chasing groupies around setting their hair on fire is a fast way of losing fans.

I blogged about this myself:

I love Justice (who doesn't?) but I think that they are also idiots, and their behaviour taints their image.

Anonymous said...

Honestly nothing Justice could do would make them lose me as a fan

and I'd be the same way were I in their place