Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Sexiest Disco-House of Em All

I have been waiting FOREVER to post these tracks. And I was hoping to find some more info about the artists first, but oh well, I'll just ahead and post. Today's artist is Database.

In all serious now, these are some of the best tracks I've ever listened to. Which is why I was a so hesitant to post them without proper research. As you can imagine, googling "Database" is a difficult task. I did however, find their myspace.

Reigning out of Sao Paulo, Brazil (That's right...Brazil), Database shows you don't need to be French to make some kickass disco-house. Sound like SKingz much?

Anyway, I have three tracks by them which truly reflect their disco-sampling talents, from various unknown (one you may recognize) disco tracks from the 70s and 80s. The first track is possibly the most funky of the three, and almost uses as much Disco roots as the next track. It's super-catchy, and almost reminds me of something The Phantom's Revenge Whipped up.

Database - Gotta Take Your Love [right click to download]

I'm going from least favorite to favorite here, so bear with me. Must Be Love is EASILY the catchiest of the three. The main melody will get stuck in your head, and I apologize ahead of time. This track truly reminds me on Louis La Roche's sampling patterns, and the disco track used ain't half-bad either. A good trick used in this one is how Database plays out the sample with no effects, then adds some bass and cymbals on top of it just to show off (juxtaposition bitches). Enjoy.

Database - Must Be Love [right click to download]

This last track is so good, I want to make love to it over and over again. It's not nearly as disco-ey and light as the two others, this one has more of an electro spicy kick to it, and I love every second of it. And it's more sex than love, as opposed to the previous two tracks. "You turn me on just like a shower"? Yummy.

Database - Burn Me UP! [right click to download]

Reminding you that Disco still rules the world,
Prez Jordan


prophetfp said...

great finding prezj, my "hearts" on hypem are almost 100% ilictronix these days. thanks!
"Thomas Bangalter > *"

Mstr MJ said...

i love database!!! have you heard Turn your love around benson? that's a fantiastic song!!! is so catchy! and you stick on after you play it... well, at least that's what happened me when i heard it, lol...

Check it out dude!