Sunday, 26 April 2009

So then. Pretty amazing.

I didn't post last night because I got back from Laser Daft Punk rather late and was just too tired.

The Seattle Science Center's laser dome put on this show. Well, I went in expecting lasers and Daft Punk. I came out half deaf because the sound quality was atrocious (you couldn't hear the notes of the bassline in Around The World... just feel this big bass rumble) but over all, it was amazing. Television Rules The Nation gave us an amazing montage of headbanging robots, a pyramid, Thomas's LED lettering, and sheer guitar amazingness. To end it all, the laserist put on an improv laser craziness montage to Robot Rock and Technologic from Alive 2007. Very well spent evening... very awkward as well.

The people in attendance were all teens, as was I, but I was the only guy there who didn't come with his girlfriend it seemed. All the girls there looked like total sluts, and all the guys were scuzzbags with Kanye West teeshirts and pants hangin' down below their butt, and I was dressed somewhat like you see me in my little avatar, sans helmet. Didn't quite fit in... but I was very glad to be in a place where I wasn't the only one who's memorized Technologic.

Anyway. Today rolls around, and I had my sax lesson... rather ho-hum. Then my dad decided to take me record shopping. I am currently listening to a rather alrge stack of 80's dance 7"s and disco LPs. Yay? Yes. Very much.

So to commemorate this amazing, here's some awesome 80's tunes.

Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok
[Right Click To Download]

ELO - Drum Dreams
[Right Click To Download]

Falco - Der Kommisar
[Right Click To Download]

Club Nouveau - Lean On Me
[Right Click To Download]



Shok said...

who produced the laser show?
was it something the center created or something touring?

Boba Fettuccini said...

the center created it. I doubt it'd tour, as there are so few laser domes in the states. I guess the Seattle one is the largest in the world or something like that.

Mstr MJ said...

hey, i love 80's music!!! specially the Disco/Funk one!...

Do you know KC and the Sunshine Band?... if u don't know them... check them out! hey have several singles!.

Maybe your dad or your mom know them, ask them about that band!