Monday, 6 April 2009

Some More Louis

Since we had to take the tracks down, I felt I owed you guys a little something. If you are a mega Louis fan, you've heard this mix before, and I apologize. But you've also most likely pirated his new EP, so SHAME ON YOU.

Today, I will post for a you an exclusive NLLR mix. Since this is availible for free download on the internet, it is perfectly safe and ethical for my to be posting this :D.

It is officially availible May 9th, but since we're amazing here at ilictronix, you can have it a little early for download. Expect some more exclusive Louis La Roche content in the near future, since I frequently talk to him.

As far as this mix goes, it's pretty long, so feel free to minimize this window and just hang out. Also, don't freak out like me, at the very beginning you will honestly think your speakings are flipping out, but it's simply that Louis-glitch effect. The track is solid quality, so enjoy.

Louis La Roche - NLLR Mix [right click to download]

Also, don't forget to support Louis La Roche and his new EP, "Me & Her,"
Prez Jordan


Joe said...

listened to this on the ride home from edinburgh. that bjork remix by alan braxe is siiiicccckkk!

Joe said...

By the way, here's the tracklisting:

01 - Daft Punk - Cresendolls (Ratboy Edit)

02 - Bjork - Alarm Call (Alan Braxe & Benjamin Diamond Remix)

03 - Cassius - Feeling For You

04 - Modjo - What I Mean (Aloud Remix)

05 - Surkin - Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards Remix)

06 - Strip Steve - Tommy Boy

07 - The Disco Boys - B-B-Baby

08 - Simian Mobile Disco - Tits & Acid

09 - Headman - Song 8

10 - CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Twocker Remix)

11 - Like Woah - Oh I Like (Whitenoise Remix)

12 - Louis La Roche - Peach

13 - The Streets - Has It Come To This (Acapella)

14 - Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Night Facilities Remix)

15 - Heads We Dance - My Heart Is Set On You (Louis La Roche Remix)