Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spotlight: SKingz

Who said French House was dead? Actually, a lot of people did...BUT ONE MAN DID NOT.

A few days ago, I heard a track that was so good, I felt it had to be in my collection. After searching for about an hour, I came home empty-handed. This track is elusive as shit, but luckily...I came across it today. To numb the pain for my viewers looking, I decided I should post it.

SKingz and is an up and coming German, that's right...German, producer / DJ who has been making some pretty good French House for a short while. After listening to some more of his stuff on his MySpace, I concluded that he's into the micro-sampling + horns setup that we all love so much.

He's rather good, comparing to the likes of Jean Moustache, The Phantom's Revenge, and LeBatman for modern French House musicians. I hope you enjoy.

SKingz - The Fakie & The Neighbour [right click to download]

And an electro-house remix that is rather amazing, courtesy of Belgian Beer.

SKingz - The Fakie & The Neighbour (Belgian Beer Remix) [right click to download]

Peace and Love...and bass,
Prez Jordan


Tyler said...

Never heard of this guy. Shame on me! Thanks for posting these tracks! I really like the Belgian Beer Remix!!!

Mr. Brown said...

I like Belgian Beer, now that I've said that I'm gonna listen to the songs

Joe said...

SKingz is brilliant.

prophetfp said...

Never heard of him, nice tip!
Long live, french house!

Hannes said...

The Belgian beer mix is awesome! I've heard the same saxophone sample in jimmy2sox's remix of we are the people, but this is far superior!

Club Cavalry said...

I believe 'Fakie' samples Quincy Jones - The Dude.