Monday, 20 April 2009

There's Something In The Air

No, I'm gonna talk about Superheroes. Im here to talk about a very underrated, very talented and very creative man, named Pogo.

This guy is gonna be the next Todd Edwards, and you will get me after these next tracks.

The first one is called SplurgenShitter, from his newest EP called Weave and Wish. Its quite different from what the name might indicate.

Starting off with a beat, it then comes to a nice piano line, which stays throughout the entire track. Then come some vocals that sound like Stewie from Family Guy saying, "And here we go, and watch my hand and one, two, three".

The track is mostly based on some chopped up vocals, which i cant understand, a bassline and the piano line. Eventually another piano comes in to help out.
This pretty much stays the same for the entire song, but i guarantee you its very smooth and quite beautiful.

Pogo - SplurgenShitter [right click to download]

And last but not least, is his major hit, Alice. With 90% of the track being made out of the music from "Alice in the Wonderland", it begins with a string instrument, and then a beat and some hardly understandable vocals.
Eventually a big bassline will appear and make it deeper and darker, but never losing any magic throughout the whole track.
It is also very ambient, something which defines most of Pogo's tracks.

Pogo - Alice [right click to download]

I recommend getting his stuff, its all free on


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Boba Fettuccini said...

Evil stereo has been going on about this guy for awhile now. I really don't see whats up with it, he may be creative in his sampling, but it doesn't sound very good at all. just my opinion.

Aria said...

You included Alice but not Lost or Alohamora? Shame on you, Alex!

And I DO think Pogo is very talented in his sampling.

Alex said...

Alohamora doesnt appeal to me very much and i never listened to Lost, so yeah. I put in Alice mostly because its the most known track, and that is a bit more appealing.

Ayso said...

yeah Pogo is veryyyy underated i think. his myspace hardly has many views and the only thing people seem to really listen to is Alice. Its a shame more people dont really care to hear all of an artist's work and not just the hit. :\

Alex Alabiso said...

I dig pretty much all of his stuff. The new Expialidocius track is mesmerizing. Go Out and Love Someone is fun as well...

Anonymous said...

Love Pogo's work. I got introduced from weave and wish video of Merlin. I have all his stuff and there are only two track I don't like. Dungeon Heat and Ingenuity(spelling?). Other than that, I listen to every single track as often as possible. Gitch being one of my most favorite mixes.