Tuesday, 14 April 2009

This was supposed to be Zombilicious

Hi there,

Mr. Brown is back from his holiday and guess what, I'll do a nice review on Zombielicious, the new album by Zombie Nation.

But because I don't want to feed you a post of epic proportions, I'll start of with some information and do the review later this week (for real this time, cough...invaders must die...cough).

So what is this Zombie Nation? Zombie Nation is a German techno and electro project of the Munich based DJ and producer Florian Senfter. He became famous in 1999 with the song "Kernkraft 4OO" on the International DeeJay Gigolo Records (by DJ Hell). The first fame went to Miss Kittin & The Hacker for their remix, but people soon realised Florian was the true inventor of this song, or was he not...
Whoever played Lazy Jones on the Commodore 64 might remember it, it's sampled a song called "Stardust" by David Whittaker.

David Whittaker - Lazy Jones [right click to download]

Now Kernkraft 400 (or Nuclear Energy 400) is widely known in Noth American sporting stadiums as a sporting chant

The rest of Florian's life was filled with releases on various labels as Zombie Nation and John Starlight. But in 2007 he collaborated with Tiga under the pseudonym ZZT to make "Lower State of Consciousness". Zombie Nation is also known for their amazing liveacts, where he creates music on stage rather then mixing it like a DJ.

So there's a little info about one of my new heroes. As I said, a review of the new album will follow, Along with some quotes from the man himself and how he feels about electronic music these days.

As a sneak peak to the album, I'll post the second song: Get It. Our thrusty viewers know I already posted Forza (another track from this new album) before my departure.
It's a nice track featuring some calm vocals, while the beat keeps you moving like crazy. It has this rocky feel like MSTRKRFT, while maintaining those dark German influances. I just love it.

Zombie Nation - Get It [right click to download]

The strings at 00:56 reminded me of some other song I'm keeping in my special folder for you guys. You'll know when I'm posting it.

Enjoy, and see you later...
Mr. Brown


Boba Fettuccini said...

Not a sample. it's an extrapolation.

Mr. Brown said...

but this bit is just a sample from the original stardust, so it's an extrapolation of a sample ;p