Saturday, 11 April 2009

Thomas and Guy.

I was under the impression everybody who listens to dance music would know who Thomas Bangalter and Le Knight Club were. Well, seems I assumed wrongly as one of our readers mentioned that they don't know who they are. This is a most heinous musical crime that simply must be dealt with!

Let's start with Thomas Bangalter. A brief synopsis, because brief is good. Thomas Bangalter is the son of disco producer Daniel Vangarde. When he was a teenager, he formed a garage band with a few other guys called Darlin'. THey sucked, they broke up, and Thomas and his friend Guy Manuel Homem De Christo (also from Darlin') became house music artists instead. Thomas Bangalter formed the French record label Roule, which released many great works of house music by artists like Roy Davis Jr, Romanthony, and of course, Thomas Bangalter.

Roy Davis Jr. - Rock Shock
[Right Click To Download]

Romanthony - Hold On (RnB Vocal)
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Thomas bangalter - Spinal Scratch
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Guy Manuel, as mentioned above, became a house artist in the band Le Knight Club with Eric Chedeville(sp?), and formed the label Crydamoure. Crydamoure took a very different approach to house music, as can be heard here.

Archigram - Carnival
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Play Paul - Spaced Out(Xtended Mix)
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Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song
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Now to those of you who haven't figured it out yet, Thomas and Guy are also robots in the band DAFT PUNK.

There. Now I don't ever want to see anyone saying they don't know who Thomas and Le Knight Club are! ;)


PS, Here's Boba Fettuccini's version of Spinal Scratch, called Spinal Skratch.

Bpba Fettuccini - Spinal Skratch
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Tyler said...

That's sad that people don't know that :(

Gymtonic said...

Well Spinal Skratch IS phunkhay (Y)!

Jonaz said...

hey!!! this is the first time i comment a post of you guys...

First i want to say that i love your blog and the music you post and of course you like!! is amazing! congrats!!!

Now i wanna thanks becuase you thought me who Daft Punk really is and you helped me to take out my idea that Daft Punk actually are robots and not humans... lol...

Well... peace out!! ...see ya spacecowboy...

Stannah said...

Wow ça c'est énorme. Avec un pote on était justement en train de mettre à jour toute les productions de Thomas et Guy MERCI MILLE FOIS

Anonymous said...

thats not guy-manuel, thats dj falcon next to thomas.

Anonymous said...