Saturday, 4 April 2009

U2 + Justice = Latin Electro Mix

I was skeptical as to this track authenticity, and still am just a bit, but it seems to be in several places. Not only that, that's a real acapella, no question about it... so at very least, this was done by a real producer with studio access, rather than just some moderately talented teenager with garage band. If Justice really remixed U2's new single from their recent album... then I may have to pinch myself a few times.

I was utterly surprised by the total lack of electro BANGerness, and instead, it seems they opted for a more normal rock sound. Still has the Justice signature piano and string sounds... I dunno guys. Judge for yourself.

U2 - Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix?)
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On another note, I got DJ Medhi's Lucky Girl EP today, and was quite surprised to see "Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)". "What is Thomaf doing on zee banger album?", I said to myself, "Eez eet a banger track?" Well yeah, it is. Absolutely amazing with a lot of those little chops customary of his edits on Roule. My question is, however, why is there no original to this track? The only one that seems to be out there is the T-Banger edit, which even has it's own music video. My second question,m based upon the first question, is this: Is this another Gymtonic? Is it intentional? Is this a sneak peak of Bangalter's new style? Can we expect this sort of sound from the Enter The Void Soundtrack? O_O

DJ Medhi - Signatune (TB Edit)
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Dance around the room for awhile to either of these.


Alex said...

Im pretty sure that that remix is legit.

And also, TB's edit is on a special edition of his album called "Lucky Boy at Night". There is an original, but its just 1 minute long, and its on the standard edition of the album.

Lucky Boy At Night:

Lucky Boy standard:

Joe said...

it's legit. i think i recall a statement at the grammys saying theyd remix it

Joe said...

Also, just because it's Justice doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be a distorted chunk of electro. Just look at some of their earlier stuff like their Simian or Vicarious Bliss remixes. PURE POP.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Yeah, good stuff. I love the latin piano progression.

Champiness said...

I've been waiting for this remix some time, and when I logged on here today to work on an article, let me just say that I did a double take. I must say that, even if I was expecting something much funkier, I enjoyed the piano so much. Never once did I think they could do something so soulful like that! I wish they gave it more solo time during the track.