Wednesday, 22 April 2009

We Are - EP Review

Well, thanks to Brian. I finally have We Are - EP in my collection. He's so generous

I was super excited to get this EP, and before I rate anything, I just want to say that it did not fail me. Onto a brief review...

The title-track "We Are" is one of my all-time favorite songs ever. I have posted it a record THREE times, and I just can't get enough of it. Much to my liking, the EP had two remixes of this song. The Sebastien Leger Remix is super funky and mellow, while the Jimmy Van de Welde Remix was eh...kinda meh.

The album is divided into two "sections." There's the We Are part, as well as the PYT portion. PYT is a super-funky track that is one of the mellowest and most repetitive tracks I own. If you're hear to get more electro, this won't do it for you. It's very light and very repetitive. Overall, it is quite soothing.

What I didn't like about this EP was the lack of true difference between the original tracks and their respective remixes, with the except the Sebastien Leger We Are Remix. It also felt like it carried on a bit too much. Although soothing, I can't escape the fact that it's extremely repetitive.

Overall, I was generally pleased with the EP. I'm not going to brag about it, because it's not god-like, but it is good. PYT and We Are are solid french house tracks that keep things interesting. Unfortunately, many of my electro-whore readers will not appreciate the beauty of those tracks, simply because they are boring. I'm not going to post We Are again, so here are three other tunes from that album.

Sebastien Leger - PYT [right click to download]

Sebastien Leger - PYT (High Tek Mix) [right click to download]

Sebastien Leger - We Are (Sebastien Leger Remix) [right click to download]

Final Verdict...Overall pretty solid, but could have been a little more varying and exciting.


I would give it 4, but it seems a little too generous for such a small-natured EP.

Prez Jordan


prophetfp said...

I like even PYT, and btw The Field is waaay more repetitive ;)

Bastille said...

I've been looking for a copy of We Are and can't find one, and your old link to it is dead. Any chance you could hook me up with a working link?