Thursday, 2 April 2009

A year has passed since I wrote my note...

Who doesn't love The Police (aside from all those rock and dance music hating people in that town from Footloose)? And I don't mean the men in uniform who protect us from our own stupidity. I mean the awesome old rock band.

Anyway, I admit that I am not as knowledgeable on them as I should be having grown up in a household of 70's and 80's music. In fact, it is only because of my fetish for electronic music that I ever heard anything they did. Sure, I knew about them, but not what they did. You see, after Christmas, I was in room testing out my new DJ mixer and trying to mix off of a turntable and my laptop using Sony Acid to change BPMs and cue points. I was in the middle of fading over from my turntable to my laptop, which was playing a song called 'S.O.S.' by Filterfunk. Not very... well, funky, but it had this catchy guitar riff and stuff. My dad walks into the room and goes,"Hey, I didn't know you had any Police. Seems to me this is a lot slower than I remember it being... oh well. Have fun with that." and he left.

I looked up some filterfunk info, and found out that S.O.S. is his only release to date, from 2005. A shame, he should get to some other stuff, as this is quite enjoyable (to me anyway).

Filterfunk - S.O.S.
[Right Click To Download]

I was confuzzled, until I found out that 'S.O.S.' is a cover of Message In A Bottle by The Police.

The Police - Message In A Bottle
[Right Click To Download]

Now in my own music production, one of my favorite things to do is sample guitar riffs. You can do almost anything with a good guitar riff, even make them play totally different melodies. The opening riff called out to me... "Booooobaaaa... Booooooobaaaa... Saaaaaaample meeeee...." So... how could I not? I mean, it asked me to. Must've been the influence of the Filterfunk version, but my little project sorta became trance. ish.

Boba Fettuccini - Get The Message (No Vocals Yet)
[Right Click To Download]

Note, however, that the reverse cymbals aren't just jacked from the Filterfunk song. I always use reverse crashes, especially now that I have my better drum sample set... I call it The Bobadrums. :p

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Tutorials and Such said...

Boba, that is an insanely awesome song you made there.

Anonymous said...

The link doesnt work :(

Shame, great song