Tuesday, 7 April 2009

You Better Listen To Some Cuts From This CD First...

Hey there! Champi again with Mr. Oizo's new (sorta-new?) EP, Pourriture. There are no original versions on this single, only "radical reworks", as the cover puts it. And you're going to hear some of them today...

Starting off is the Arveen & Misk remix of Erreurjean, apparently sent to the label by "some Irish dude". It's not so different from the original that you'd barely hear the distorted keyboard in there, but really livens the track up. With mischievous backing and random samples of a man sighing, this is more like the original should have been.

Mr. Oizo - Erreurjean (Arveen & Misk Remix) [right click to download]

Next up is my favorite cut from the album, and an "official" new remix by Oizo (yes, apart from the Arveen & Misk remix, he remixes all of the tracks on most releases of this EP, but this is the only one labeled as such). Quentin scraps the eerie handclap backing in Steroids in favor of a full-on song, while retaining Uffie's excellent vocal contribution. Stick around for the sudden change near the end!

Mr. Oizo ft. Uffie - Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix) [right click to download]

And for all who purchase this EP on Beatport, you get a special, very uplifting remix of Z by the Principles Of Geometry. In comparison to the original, this track is warm and epic, as well as containing a well-placed sample from the movie "Network" (from, incidentally, a scene which has appeared in screenshot form on this blog).

Mr. Oizo - Z (Principles Of Geometry Remix) [right click to download]

And as a little bonus, I discovered an authentic, if short and simple, edit of Pourriture 7 by Soulwax. Enjoy!

Mr. Oizo - Pourriture 7 (Soulwax Edit) [right click to download]

Letting you know that music is best heard in parked cars,
Champi :)


Kevin L. said...

lol the song Z (Principles Of Geometry Remix), which was the first song I clicked on by random, uses the same sample as a song I did a post in march: http://www.ilictronix.com/2009/03/mad-as-hell.html

prez jordan said...

sweet, i didnt own a single one of these tracks

hooray for writers!

caisa said...

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