Thursday, 16 April 2009

Album Review: Zombie Nation's Zombielicious

Thanks to my earlier post, we all know who Zombie Nation is. So I think you are all worthy to read my review of his new album, Zombielicious.

But wait, Florian Senfter wants to say something about the album before I start:
"I didn't want the LP to sound like a product of its time, although I'm keeping the rock-vibe that's momentarily spreading throughout the electronic scene. This trend made the genre fresh again, but I think all this French stuff (and everything around it) is way too hysterious. It's always the same stuff that has lost its longlivety and it's becoming like the minimal genre two years ago. I try not to get involved with it; I try to follow my own path. I follow my ears, not the market."

Now we heard what Zombie Nation had to say, and I'm afraid I have to agree, since Justice and the Crookers it seems like everything has to be filled with synths and distortions or a southern rhythm. Sad, but let's make it clear that I'm not holding a grudge against the beginners of this genre change, only the followers who aren't talented enough to innovate.

On to the review:

The album starts off very ambient rocky-electronicy-retrokitchy with some really catchy vocals and some light distortions that fit the music perfectly. As an example, I give you "Radio Controlled" (also, remember "Get It" from the previous post).

Zombie Nation - Radio Controlled [right click to download]

The second part of the album gets somewhat darker, with some more banging beats and a more minimal approach. This change in style is introduced by two versions of "Worth It", as you can hear the first part fits with the rocky-distorted-retro description, where part II gets this darker, more minimal style.

Zombie Nation - Worth It Pt.1 [right click to download]

Zombie Nation - Worth It Pt.2 [right click to download]

The last part has some cleaner, more danceable tracks. Although not sounding very commercial, these songs like "Forza" and "Seas of Grease" got me going, but that might be because I started my early electronical music days with lots of German influences.

Zombie Nation - Seas Of Grease [right click to download]

As you heard, this album is filled with eclectical electronical music. It sounds rather Trash and Dopey than Young and Hysterical, but I feel it's got enough beats and rock-n'-roll to keep both old ravers as young bangers kicking.
You probably won't hear these songs on the radio or on the dance floor (Forza being the exception), but they're damn good songs to put on your IPod. And that's all I need.


Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Joe said...

What? No love for Filterjerks or Mystery Meat Affair?

Mr. Brown said...

sorry, nazi prez gave us orders to post 4 max and the ones I posted went with the story I was telling in the review

Boba Fettuccini said...

This is pretty cool stuff. Stays true to the Kernkraft 400 I like but still moves forward to keep up with everyone else.

Boba Fettuccini said...

and I'm pretty sure that Seas of Grease samples TOS Star Trek bridge sound loop pitched down.

Anonymous said...

What a master piece this album is. I cannot put it down.

BANG ON JOE! MYSTERY MEAT AFFAIR!!.. such an awesome track.

I nearly shit my self when Fake Blood dropped it Easter Sunady @ metro.




omfg again.

triplem said...

RadioControlled sounds a lot like Da Funk. I like...