Friday, 22 May 2009

"Choo Choo" - Says The 80's Maniac

Didnt really knew what to post about, so while i was browsing my collection, this track came in. And as i was listening, i stopped searching and thought: "Got it."

The track was from ilictronix regulars, The Bloody Beetroots. Even though their tracks are common, an actual post was never made. Well, no more.
The Bloody Beetroots are the italian duo, Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea. For some reason, Bob gets most of the credits, but maybe Tommy isnt really a media guy. (something i doubt, because seeing videos of them live, Tommy goes insane in most of the shows)

3 tracks for today, an original and 2 remixes.

The original is one of their more underground tracks, but a known slogan for the fans.
"Fucked From Above 1985" is an obvious pun to Death From Above 1979, the former canadian electro-rock duo.

The track is quite nice, with vocoded vocals, hard kick, and with a nice melody along it.

The Bloody Beetroots - Fucked From Above 1985 [right click to download]

Next, we have the track that started it all.
"She's a Maniac" from Michael Sembello was a major hit in the 80's and The Bloody Beetroots decided to remix it.
I would probably call it an edit, since there aint major modifications to it, apart from the main riff and beat.
Still, its a 80's classic turned to a banger and from what i heard, even Sembello himself liked it.

Michael Sembello - She's A Maniac (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) [right click to download]

Finally, another early remix. Audioporno's "Choo Choo" is a quite underground track (much like Audioporno themselves, they only have about 6000 plays on
I never heard the original, but this remix is a club blaster.
The synth line that comes in to your ears, says "Hi" and punches you in the face is a killer and the beat is awesome.

Audioporno - Choo Choo (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) [right click to download]




Anonymous said...

thank you for Choo Choo. been looking for this FOREVER.

Joe said...

Bloody Beetroots: Making vegetables cool since 2006

Ed Banger Kids said...

You JUST posted this? haha

Anonymous said...

Joe what a legend hahaha

so glad to see choo choo up at 320, although ffa85 is claimed to be "256kbps" but i'm positive it was just converted to a higher bitrate. It sounds no more than 128kbps which is a real shame, but a good post nevertheless.


Alex said...

I do have a '320kbps' version, but its crappier than this one.

I actually had to download this version while posting.

Mr. Artist said...

Wauw... Goosebumps... That does not happen a lot, thanks:)

Anonymous said...

fucked from above must be the worst bloody beetroots song ever. incredibly boring melody with no change at all, extremely boring voice.. i loved them so far, but this one is shit.

Alex said...

Yes, FFA1985 isnt their best, but it isnt their worse, imo.

Oh Gosh they've Taken Panoramix is their worse, Boom Nite isnt that good, and the vocals of Yeyo irritate the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

audioporno were an act from bern switzerland, they don't exist anymore. one half is now involved with mercury, with successes such as the lele - breakfast remix or the mehdi - tunisia bambataa remix.

Anonymous said...

i reckon their mind dimension remix is up there near the top of the shite pile

Cheets said...

Mind Dimension was a crap track to start off with, imo :p
Bit of a story behind the Audioporno remix - apparently the BBR remix was leaked, and that went on fire, even though no-one knew or heard the original (to this day!).
Time passes and then the label Exploited releases the remix on an EP.

Good stuff, can't wait to see The Bloody Beetroots on the 25th of June (in Melbourne)

Carl said...

That she's a manic remix is sick!


Richie said...

I'm a huge fan of the Beetroots, especially live, but is it just me or has there newer productions lacked that certain hard hitting quality that made them so popular?

Either way good choice of track selections! Thanks for the post.

Richie Beretta

Ed Banger Kids said...

WHAT?! What is all this beef with the Mind Dimension?!

A. The original is GREAT
B. The bloody beetroots remix isn't instrumentally anything special, but it's still hard and good.

Karta said...

Fucked From Above 1985, is NOT from the bloody beetroots... Maybe that's why you find it weird for a bloody beetroots song !

It's from Last Japan, UK based DJ who release "Oï" some time ago...

Alex said...

No, Karta. I listened to Last Japan's track and its nothing alike.

Apart from the fact its called Fucked From Above 1989.

Busy P said...

Like the author said she's a maniac is more like an edit, here is a real remix of that epic sound: