Monday, 11 May 2009

Dancing with Dogs At Carnaval

I think you can consider this post as a follow up to the last post, but backwards.

Gonna talk about the dark side of that historic label thats the father of Darling Records.

Im talking about Crydamoure. And the dark side of it goes by the name of Archigram.

This french duo consisted of Julien Mallart and Nicolas Trichet, are still around, doing the occasional show, and actually released a single last year on Refuge Records. But im just gonna talk about the Crydamoure tracks.

They released 3 singles in Crydamoure. 2 will be talked about.

Carnaval came out in 2002. A very deep track, with a big bassline and even a little saxophone more in the background go along this fast flowing beat. Its also very synthy, as costumary with Archigram.

Archigram - Carnaval [right click to download]

The second one is Crydamoure's final release, Doggystyle. Released in 2003, it samples "I Wanna Be Your Dog" from The Stooges. Meaning we have vocals from Iggy Pop on the track! How good can that be?
This one is even darker than Carnaval, and it kinda sounds like something thats played in one of those very underground clubs, where anything goes and happens.

Big use of synths, also with guitars around, it also has a veey fast beat, making it a perfect night track.

Sorry for the low volume, but i have another version, which is a rip of Waves II, meaning its mixed and its a minute shrter than this version, but its in higher quality and in higher volume.

Archigram - Doggystyle [right click to download]

As a bonus, a remix of Madonna's Hung Up, which was available for download on her site for some time. (not sure if it still is)

Madonna - Hung Up (Archigram Remix) [right click to download]


Well hung,


Boba Fettuccini said...

Just so you know, we already had Carnival uploaded, and you spelled it wrong ;)

Alex said...

Didint knew, and no i didnt.

Its spelled Carnaval, like in any hispanic language.

Gymtonic said...

<3 carnaval (bbtr mix)
thinks it's like summer in a box.

prez jordan said...

Carnaval has been posted before, but the mp3 is on our fileden. But yeah, it's spelled Carnaval.

I wish you would've picked In Flight over Doggystyle to talk about :(

Alex said...

I was going for In Flight and Doggystyle, but changed my mind, because i like Carnaval better.

prez jordan said...

Word, hm your version seems to differ from mine.

Also, Boba I didn't see you had posted it as well, I'm pretty sure its Carnaval though.

Gymtonic said...

prez: you might have the 'bring back the rave' mix?

Boba Fettuccini said...

Ah, I stand corrected.

prez jordan said...

I believe I do gymtonic, I just need to get back on mac soon.

Mike Scott II said...

Dug out the 12. Carnaval with an A. Always liked Archigram(the recording artist and the collective). Love the site, keep up the awesome work guys.