Saturday, 16 May 2009

Depeche Mode Remixes I

Joe pointed out that there's a Boys Noize remix of Wrong, which I posted yesterday. I was highly disappointed by the mix, but in the process, I found lot's of other gems, so here's the first haul.

Today I suppose I'll just do some of the Wrong remixes. I have a few from the remix single in addition to some bootlegs!

First off is the Dim vs. Boys Noize remix. I was highly disappointed by the lack of Boys Noizeness in it, but the vocal chopping at the beginning justifies the act of posting it.

Wrong (DIM vs. Boys Noize Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Here's another one from the single.

Wrong (Frankies Director's Cut Dub)
[Right Click To Download]

From here on is unofficial stuff.

Wrong (Leviathan Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Wrong (Renoise Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Wrong (Dominatrix Predub)
[Right Click To Download]

This Dominatrix, whoever it is, also seems to have a bootleg acapella collection which I am looking into now. Stay tuned, I have some other remixes, some of them from a few big names!


Joe said...

Boys Noize did a remix of Personal Jesus as well. You might want to check that out.

Plus there's a remix of Wrong by Thin White Duke (Stuart Price, not Bowie) which is supposed to be brilliant.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I have them, yes. Shall I post em?