Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Don Diablo remix at No.1


Anyone following Heads We Dance on MySpace will have seen that the Don Diablo remix of "When The Sirens Sound", posted by us, was at no.1 on the Hypem chart! And it seems as if HWD posted a blog on MySpace about it too. Unfortunately, it's now been knocked off the top spot, but hey, at least we got to No.1!

And so, I leave you with the B-side to the "Sirens Sound" single, "Work It Out" featuring Little Boots! This one's a lot different to their previous stuff, swapping 80s flashback euphoria for... gasp... GUITARS?!

Heads We Dance - Work It Out (feat. Little Boots) [Right Click To Download]

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Alex said...

Congrats to us, and especially Joe, who managed to get the track earlier than everyone else.

Joe said...

Woot. It seems that everyone's posting the Don Diablo remix now. Can't say we had nothing to do with that :)

Alex said...

According to elbo.ws, we were the first to post.

Besides, Don Diablo's manager sends everything to everyone.

I actually got the email the day after you posted.

prez jordan said...

They don't mention the blog in their post :(

Joe said...

unfortunately, but you can still see it in the screenie :)

Joe said...

plus, they thanked us on twittr today i think :)

Heads We Dance said...

Yep - thanks!

We really appreciate the support - gonna give you a shout out on the website too. And of course, we'll send you some more tunes soon too ;)


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Flothus said...
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Flothus said...

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