Monday, 18 May 2009

Duck, Duck, Duck...


Thats right, Goose. A 4-piece electro-rock band from Belgium and probably the rock band that uses more synths on their tracks than any other.

Their 2007 album "Bring It On" is fantastic, bangers from top to bottom, catchy vocals and lots of action all around made these guys one of my favourite groups.

The title track is their main hit, being played in commercials and radios everywhere.
With a synth to start off, vocals come in to help out the drums whilst another synth comes in.
The track is catchy, you will have the chorus in your head for a week (even if you dont understand it) and you will give a nice headbang to it.

Goose - Bring It On [right click to download]

On the more obscure side, we have a calmer track, only released on the limited 2-CD version of the album.
"Masters On Top" is 95% synths, being the other 5% vocals.
The synths, despite being hard and glitchy, they appear here in a very melodic way, turning this one into a track thats not very chilly, but not too moved.

Goose - Masters On Top [right click to download]

Lots of remixes are around, and big names have remixed them, such as The Bloody Beetroots with 2 remixes, JFK from MSTRKRFT, Teenage Bad Girl, among others.
And one of the others are Les Petits Pilous.
These guys are known for assaulting people's ears in every thing they do, and this one is no exception.
"Everybody" is on its own quite exciting to listen, but with the synths and the vocal edits and the use of the originals guitar for the main riff is genius.

Goose - Everybody (Les Petits Pilous Remix) [right click to download]

Finally, Goose also do remixes. Not a lot, but one stands out.

Shitdisco are known for their hit "I Know Kung Fu". Goose turn this one onto a synth filled track that breaks into your home at night, breaks your windows and messes everything up, but that doesnt take anything, just to take the piss.
You will shout "I Know Kung...Fu!" during this track, i know you will.

Shitdisco - I Know Kung Fu (Goose Remix) [right click to download]


Wanting to get much louder,


prez jordan said...

I know the first track from the Cadillac commercial. Been killing me trying to figure out what it was called! Thanks for the post.

Mr. Brown said...

aah, i just love em. Live, they are some animals, the crowd went wild... probably one of the best live performers I've ever seen, thanks for the remixes

Proud to be a belgian :p