Thursday, 28 May 2009

Joe's Essential Guide To 90s Dance, Part 3

If you're reading this, that means it is May 28th 2009. Even if Obama is trying to sort it out, we all know that in recent years the world has gone irretrievably tits-up. That's why I'm taking you on a journey back to the 90s, a happier time (unless you count grunge rock, which I don't), a time when feel-good dance music reigned supreme.

For my early 90s track today I have an amazing female vocal house track released in 1991. "I'm Attracted To You" by Cookie Watkins had a good few different mixes and releases on three different labels, one of which being legendary house label Strictly Rhythm. This version, released on Smash Records, is probably the most well known, and for good reason. Strap yourself in and prepare for 10 minutes of soulful disco bliss.

Cookie Watkins - I'm Attracted To You (E-Smoove Late Night Mix) [Right Click To Download]

For the late 90s I bring you a track from Cassius' brilliant debut album "1999". Boom Bass an Philippe Zdar released their first track under the Cassius moniker "Foxxy" in 1996, and throughout the late 90s they added their own unique twist on the classic French house sound. Since then they've begun to explore several other different electronic styles, but one can't help but wish that one day they will return to that oh-so-funky-kind-of-disco-but-not-really sound.

Cassius - Feeling For You [Right Click To Download]

And as a bit of a bonus...

Cassius - Foxxy (Buffalo Bunch Mix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it foxxy,

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