Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mash-up Madness III

Hi there, it's been a while, but I managed to find some time to post something.

Here at ilictronix we tend to find some themes to organise our content: Joe has his essential guide to the 90's dance and I seem to have my Mash-up Madness...

So get ready for volume three of this vocal - beat mixing madness

Today I'll be giving you some of the cleaner (just ad a nice vocal to a great song to make it even better) Mash-ups.

First up is David Guetta's money lyrics on top of Ready for the floor by Hot Chip, nothing very special about this one, just a nice variation to the original.

David Guetta vs. Hot Chip - Ready For The Money [right click to download]

Number two follows the same logic, but the executions sounds way better (or it's just because I like acceptable in the 80's a lot). As you can hear, it's the vocals from Get it on by T-rex on top of those sweet reinvention of disco beats from Calvin Harris' Acceptable in the 80's.

T-Rex vs. Calvin Harris - Get It On In The 80's [right click to download]

Same for the next song, Michael Jacksons' Don't Stop on top of The music sounds better with you by Stardust. Perfect execution for this one as well.

Michael Jackson vs. Stardust - Dont Stop Till The Music Sounds Better [right click to download]

And last but not least a sick variation of Phantom by la Justice, The only thing this song lacked was a kick-ass vocal, and with this version you'll never have to miss that... Vocals are from Lady Tigra (she reminds me of Uffie, anyone else?).

Justice vs. The Lady Tigra - Phantom On The Bottom [right click to download]

et voila, 4 very basic clean Mash-ups for you guys to enjoy.

Mr. Brown


Alex said...

Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin vs Morgan Page - The Longest Road acapella is awesome aswell.

Bastille said...

It's rare that I see any of the blogs I read often do mashup posts, so I usually keep mine to myself, but since its pretty clear you're a fan I figured I'd link you to mine if you're interested:

Also, props for the French House posts. There definitely needs to be more appreciation for that stuff.

kurmidt said...

i actually quite like ciao. a couple of the songs are crap (mind dimension) but some are great! do a review.

prophetfp said...

OMG, Jackson vs Stardust is awesome! O__O

And MusicSoundsBetter is my all-time favourite french touch track so maybe i'm a little biased ;)

More french touch! Always :D

Joe said...

Hmmm.... I would've expected Michael Jackson + Stardust to be better...

James said...

Hey! Thanks for posting my Lady Tigra
vs. Justice mashup!

FYI - The Lady Tigra was 1/2 of L'Trimm back in the day (you know, "The Cars That Go Boom"). So if ANYTHING, she influenced Uffie! :)

xo - DJ Paul V.

PS - You might dig my new Amanda Blank vs. Deadmau5 mashup - get it here: