Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Move Your Body

We need more techno on this blog.

So cornandbeans is an 18-year-old post-basement composer, and I've known about him for a very long time thanks to FFR. Did I mention I'm rather good at FFR?

Enough of me bragging, though. I'm here to write about music. But who am I kidding, I'm an arrogant guy ;). Anyway, I have hand-picked three of my favorite cornandbeans tracks for you all to listen to. Personally, I cannot stand techno, but these tracks just have an effect on me, it worries me a bit. So here they are, from cornandbeans's Newground Audio Portal.

The first track surprised me, I had no idea such a song had ANY remix potential. Apprently I was wrong, dead wrong.

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (cornandbeans Edit) [right click to download]

Next is the tracked featured above. Although it doesn't have much dancing potential, since it's a little TOO fast, I could see myself raving to this, or just flipping out while hearing it. It erupts in your face, which is a quality Prez Jordan likes :D (I'm not gay)

cornandbeans - {Blaze} [right click to download]

And last is my favorite. If you don't dance in your chair while listening to this, you're just a madman, or deaf. It's so good and so danceable that I can't stop listening to it in my head. The triads keep things steady while the booming bass almost sounds disco-y for a few moments. Anyway, enjoy.

cornandbeans - {Firestorm} [right click to download]

Ah, finally some good techno,
Prez Jordan


prophetfp said...

It's not techno prez :)

Bittersweet Symphony is a Darkstep remix (or Techstep at least)

Blaze is a Trancecore track

Firestorm is slower, id'say prog trance.

Luckily for the ones who love it, techno is reaaaally different. :)

(and minimal sucks)

Gavin said...

minimal music doesnt suck to me,and thats great you actually know your music types. in my opinion:who gives a damn? not trying to be a jerk but when you contradict someones post on what it is and isnt it sounds like you are being a douchebag,especialy when you seem to know the exact genre of the said music. i do appreciate it for you clearing it up,but can you please not sound like a know it all? and could you please give an example of what techno music is in youtube link? not trying to be a jerk but it is a bit irritating. sorry :(. and i would appreciate a link to actual techno music because i cant fine real true techno anywhere.

prophetfp said...

Hey, i love prez and the blog and the "minimal sucks" was a joke :)

it's because circa post-2003 the majority of european techno has shifted to minimal (repeating short samples, drum kick almost with no bass, idm-style glitches) and i really prefer the 90s one. ;)

actually i've posted a link in the shoutbox to a mixed 72 minutes of great (imho at least) techno.
and made a few names too :)

if you want another sample, take this:

prez jordan said...

cornandbeans says it's techno, so I just went with him on it. In my honest opinion, I see Blaze and Firestorm as both Trancecore. With all remixes, it's difficult for me to make out exactly what genre it is. You may right, though.

Try to be nice to each other :D, you handled yourself well, prophet.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Yeah, I agree. I have a real techno vinyl... like... the kind of techno that makes people hate dance music. $.25, so i got it anyway. Maybe I'll rip it and put it up. :p

Shok said...

being one of the founders of NG, it is ironic I should have continued reading and found that :)

You have a great blog!