Monday, 11 May 2009


Seeing as we're on a bit of a disco house tip, I thought I'd share some of this electro-fused stuff.

First up, "Set Me Free" by Phonat. The original starts out with a synthy disco feel, then plunges into bass heavy electro. The Tasmanian Disco Stampede mix takes that disco opening and runs with it, turning the track into a choppy funk-house number.

Phonat - Set Me Free [Right Click To Download]

Phonat - Set Me Free (Tasmanian Disco Stampede Mix) [Right Click To Download]

The other track I have today is Bernadette by The Amplid. This fuses a buzzing electro synth with some good old disco sampling skills. I highly recommend The Amplid, they do some pretty beast remixes as well as big-ass electro tunes.

The Amplid - Bernadette [Right Click To Download]

The Amplid - Bernadette (Louis La Roche Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Sorry about disrupting the flow of posts, because I noticed that Boba had a draft in progress, so that'll come out underneath this one.