Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rico's back! But no Guy-Man :(

It's happened. It's finally happened. French house as we know and love it is BACK. And who is responsible? Why it could only be one of the producers who was at the forefront of French house during its hayday. Eric Chedeville, one half of Le Knight Club.

Eric, now going by his pseudonym Rico The Wizard, is back with a brand new single (well, I say new, it was released on March 15th) on French touch label Darling Records, a label which definitely has the potential to be up there with French giants like Roule and Crydamoure in the near future. The single "Spell Of Love" is on iTunes now, and it is so absolutely fucking awesome that I'm not going to provide download links. Instead, I'm going to just post the player, and if you like what you hear, then I want you to get your ass on iTunes and buy it. The track is so authentic it actually sounds like something Le Knight Club would've released at their peak. Trust me, get this track on iTunes, you won't regret it.

Rico The Wizard - Spell of Love (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

As if the return of a French touch master wasn't enough, the release also has a massive remix from Chicago house legend DJ Sneak on the flip. If this doesn't get your feet moving, then all hope is lost. Enjoy!

Rico The Wizard - Spell of Love (DJ Sneak Remix) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

You can check out Darling Records on MySpace here. Now all we need to do is get Guy-Man involved...

Keep it funky,


Boba Fettuccini said...

It's nice being staff. I have access to the server, so not having an iTunes account doesn't affect me ^_^ teehee.

prez jordan said...


Joe said...

Boba is a crafty one...

Alex said...

Hehe. long live the team.

Gymtonic said...

Did the same as Boba. If I had money I would happily buy it.

I see Eric is still using the same drum kit as he used in Le Knight Club :P

Tyler said...

I've had these tracks since they came out. I was wondering when they'd make there way to this blog.

But yes, these are fantastic! Darling records is here to save the day!!

Alex said...

The entire fight has been removed.

Either take it somewhere else or comments for this post will be disallowed.

The guy that started it? said...

the fight??

damn I missedthe replies... but I see my revious comment has been removed.. :(
could I get a log of it?? :)

Melkoret said...

lol @ members bragging.

Has no one heard of view source code?
CTRL+F 'mp3'

/gosh newbs :P