Friday, 8 May 2009

The Sounds Of The French And Of The Norwegian

Now you must be thinking: What have the croissant eating-snobby-oh la la frenchies have to do with uptight-cold-northen Norwegians?

Well, nothing. At least nothing remotely relevant to the society.

But i know one thing they have in common: They know how to do the best kind of music i like: French House.

Yeah, yeah, another french house post. Don't care. I like, i post. So shut your pieholes and listen.

I have today 4 different tracks from 4 different artists, 2 French and 2 Norwegian.

Lets start with the French.

First off is Ilictrnoix regular, The Phantom's Revenge. Known for his massive sampling and chopping them to tiny bits, he is one of the few of the "Let's Bring Back French House" revolution who are actually signed to a label.

Released on D.I.S.C.O Texas, this track is a bit professional than a lot of his tracks, and to be honest, my favourite from him.

Called "Late", its again very choppy, with a heavy beat, but with the vocals from whatever sample he chose coming in there taking the dial down a bit. Still, its very dancy and its typical Phantom's Revenge.

The Phantom's Revenge - Late [right click to download]


Wobbling about,

Next up, a classic. Modjo is mostly known for their 2001 hit, Lady (Hear Me Tonight).
But they also had other singles released. For example, Chillin'.
Chillin' is a perfect Summer track, and its French House at its best. Nice vocals, massive filtering (especially flanger), and a nice bassline.
An absolute shame they only did 1 album, but its better than nothing.

Modjo - Chillin' [right click to download]

Now, the Norwegians. Both quite unknown, although one is in a label.

That one is called Inventus. People from the TDC know him quite well, especially due to his tantrum, to put it nice.
Nevertheless, this guy makes great tracks. And is also on the good way to bringing back French House.
Released on Beatism, "On The Phone" is quite repetitive. Always repeating the same vocals ("on the phone"), it also has lots of filtering and edititng, especially with the cut off method.
Once again, a good bassline, repetitiveness, and catchyness makes this one a very underrated track. (yet)

Inventus - On The Phone [right click to download]

And finally, the most unknown artist of the lot, and actually a newbie in the production business.
Coeur D'Amour has been posting tracks on TDC and Myspace for a few months now and i decided to give it a shot, after hearing the good reviews of his tracks.
His tracks are a mix of Inventus and The Phantom's Revenge, minus vocals.
I cant say much about him, but after reading about the other tracks, i think you can guess what you will listen.

Coeur D'Amour - Wild Lovin' [right click to download]


Wobbling about,


Joe said...

The TDC mods actually found out that Inventus and Coeur D'Amour are the same person. He just created an alt for TDC after he got banned.

Anonymous said...

why arent you guys banning him?
its not fair to let him be on the club after what he did

Alex said...

Really? Didnt knew that. No wonder they sound similar.

Oh, and cda hasnt been banned,m because he hasnt done anything wrong. yet.

Joe said...

Yeah, me and the other mods decided to give him one last chance, but if he slips out of line one more time, INSTABANNED.

prez jordan said...

What'd inventus do?

Also, Late is the extended version of another song. Can you guess which? I can't think of it at the moment.

Alex said...

He caused the major spam attack and was one of the reasons that TDC was renovated.

Aria said...

...and upset a lot of members with various comments...

Anonymous said...

i dont get it. whats the point of banning someone if he can rejoin again. before the site changed, u guys said that the banned members will never be allowed to come back.

Anonymous said...

oh and why not let boba rejoin then? inventus did a much much much more worse thing that boba did

daftclub said...

i agree and if he does anything bad and you ban him, you might as well just say we will give him one more chance. the rule is just freakin stupid. a banned member is banned and I thought we all agreed that banned members shouldnt be allowed to come back, thats why they are banned right?

CD'a said...

Hey, it's me CD'a.
Guys, chill!
I won't do anything wrong.

Also I did not cause any spam attack.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I did do something wrong though, ya know. My frequent attacks on Aero were wrong. Comparing someone to a Nazi is really tasteless and crude, and I shouldn't have done it.

Anonymous said...

cheers for the free downloads guys. specially on the phone...the guy's a total waate of crap, mind...and the track is'nt actually that great but...

Boba Fettuccini said...

Heh, I know what you mean. It's worth downloading, but not worth the cash unless it's on vinyl :P

french tocuh said...

anon, i bet you are dark dj huh?
youre songs arent that great either...