Friday, 15 May 2009

Taking It All Underseas

Today, im gonna post some remixes from that magnificent duo that is one of the most iconic figures in French House, Le Knight Club.

The remixes will be of Zoot Woman, Aloud, David Guetta and Phoenix.

The british band Zoot Woman were remixed by LKC in 2004, and the track is "Taken It All".
It is very relaxing, a piano line, smooth vocals and a organ-like sound make this one a relaxation track.

Zoot Woman - Taken It All (Le Knight Club Remix) [right click to download]

Aloud, the french duo that broke up in 2005, and is not to be confused with the american indie rock band, were like Archigram except with vocals. Trippy tracks with deep vocals made a combination of chill and a somewhat rock & roll style of electronic music.

LKC remixed "Undersea", and took the it a bit to a calmer level. The deep vocals are there, but a similar organ-like sound as the Zoot Woman remix is there, also some guitars and also a piano, apart from the deep beat.

Again, smooth.

Aloud - Undersea (Le Knight Club Edit) [right click to download]

David Guetta is known for his poppy, electro tracks with cheesy vocals. Happens the same with 2004 single, "Stay".

This one can get annoying after a while, mostly because of the high-pitched vocals that are proeminent for most of the song. Once again, very calm, this one is all about the vocals.
Apart from the bassline, i dont see any major modification to this track. Still, good for a follow up for the above two.

David Guetta - Stay (Le Knight Club Remix) [right click to download]

Finally, LKC remixed Phoenix's classic 1999 track, "Too Young". This is one of my favourite tracks from Phoenix and LKC do a very good job in the remix.
Being the most animated of the lot, i dont know what to call the main instrument and if someone can tell me what it is, please tell me.

This is a good track to listen at home, probably not good for parties, but its quite nice.

Phoenix - Too Young (Le Knight Club Remix) [right click to download]


Hoping this one gets in there,


Anonymous said...

Hey, really good songs! I like!!
- Lily


Robin said...

I think the main instrument in Too Young is a piano layered with some sort of synth! Nice tracks!