Monday, 4 May 2009

The Two Sides Of The Coin

My post is going to be about the opposites in terms of musical intensity. On one side, you have the extremely hard, banging, raging tracks that go into the ear, lodge themselves in your brain and cause a brain swell. But you have to love it when that swell starts to come.

This next track is a great example of that.

Some time ago, i posted about what Danger and Boys Noize sound together. And that was intense. Now, imagine what happens when you join Boys Noize and Justice? Oh yeah.

This track is a remix of Justice's "Phantom Pt.II", one of the rawest and hardest songs they ever made.
Now, there is an official version thats already intense on its own, but why not post the unreleased, "too hot for TV", "turbine" version of this track?

I honestly cant really describe whats going on here, all i can say is that this is perfect for live sets, to get the crowd going. And there is another advantage because the end is the beggining of "Arcade Robot" of his album, and you can mix it straight in.

Best heard at night, in the dark.

Justice - Phantom Pt II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine) [right click to download]

The other side is the softer, calmer, lighter side of music.

To be honest, this next track isn't really electronic, but heck, lets open an exception.
This track is by alternative-rock band, Muse. One of my favorites, they can really rock it, and they do sometimes use synths and what not on their tracks.

This track is a B-Side of Unintended, a track off their 2001 album, Origin Of Symmetry.
Called "Nishe", this track is 90% bass. A small drum line is there, same for what i believe is a keyboard, but the bass just overwhelms it.
Its a shame its so short, at only 2:45, but its a beautiful end of the day track and a track thats very underrated.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy:

Muse - Nishe [right click to download]


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Champiness said...

Gotta love that Turbine.
However, the track it transitions to at the end isn't "Superfresh". It's "Arcade Robot". Close, though. They use the same vocoder.

Alex said...

Oh, right, sorry, i mixed the two up.

Mr. Brown said...


Joe said...

Ooh, another Muse fan :)

Cheets said...

Oh yeah. Totally agree with the Boys Noize remix of Phantom Pt II being the best of the bunch. Absolutely killer stuff

DJPixcell said...

Thank you Boys Noize. :) You make the world a better place, one remix at a time.

yan1 said...

The Phantom Pt II Turbine is an absolutely killer track - thx