Thursday, 14 May 2009

We Came, We Saw, We Killed The Crowd

Well, the other day i was checking my e-mail and i noticed an e-mail from Don Diablo's manager, with some new tracks. And we get like 1 e-mail per week from him, so i was like "Oh god, not another..." But i checked it anyway.
I was gonna leave it, but then i noticed it had a music video. So, instead of bothering to download the tracks, i watched the video.

And what do you know? I liked it. A lot. So much that its in my MP4, which only has like a 1/3 of my tracks. So thats like an elite.

Don this time teamed up with brit rapper, Example to create "Hooligans".
Truth be told, i dont understand most of the rapping, but i tell you, the track is catchy as hell.

With a huge bassline, synths from here to yaya, and an annoying breakdown with a siren, this track has all the makings of a club banger.

Its the only track which i showed to my mates and that they said "Hey, send me this one." So thats means its gonna be big.

We all knew that Don Diablo was gonna get known, but wow.

Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans (Extended Mix) [right click to download]


Oh, Alain, delete your viruses, im sick of getting spam over MSN, mate.



Gymtonic said...

error loading tracks :s

Alex said...

Fixed. Left a space on the filename on the server.

Jeremy said...

This is the most awesome song I've seen on here to date! Thanks!

Jeremy said...

Incomplete download, strange