Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Review

Aha, the long awaited review is here. I meant to do it on Monday, but i was pissed that day and didnt feel like posting till now.

The new Phoenix album has been leaked for quite a long time now, ive had it probably since March. In a way, its bad, shows the lack of security when it comes to keeping the tracks private until the release. On the other hand, the earlier the better, and new Phoenix is always good news.

So, onto the album.

The first track is Liztomania, the album's single. It is named after a phenomenon that Franz Liszt, a classical music composer generated, due to his flamboyant playing.
The track is a great beginner, and gives you an idea of what to come.
Nice drum lines, catchy vocals, a fair amount of bass, the high-pitched guitars and the keyboards.
It is worthy of being the single, and its also one of my favourites from the album.
Rating: 7/10

Next up we have 1901, the flagship track of the album. This was available for free download in late February, and with a sample pack along, it was spreaded like wildfire and remixes came from all ends.
Its my favourite track from the album. The guitar and the synth intro take you in right away.
Once again, the catchy vocals coming from Thomas Mars' mouth are great, and will make you sing along all the way.
It is the most synth-filled track on the album, another reason for me and you to like it.
Rating: 8/10

Next we have Fences. This one is a bit more generic than the other 2, it still has that poppyness and its a good track, but it doens't reach the level of the other 2.
Still, you can listen to it very easily, making it a nice middle track.
Rating: 6/10

Love Like a Sunset is next. I've talked about this one before.
Apparently, the official version is split in 2 parts, the first part being all the way until the end of the "revamped" Twenty One-One Zero (the demo version of this track) and second the acoustic version with the vocals. Ill stick with my joint 7 minute version, thank you.
This is an awesome chill track, kinda like a very long interlude. That is, until Twenty One-One Zero kicks in. It comes in with all its force and oddness to wake you up and make you dance and sing again. Couldn't ask for more.
Rating: 7/10

Lasso, the shortest track of the album. The intro doesn't appeal to me, and its a bit rockier than the other tracks, with the guitars coming off their leashes and playing the sound they were made for.
Still, its very well made and the bass in this one is very proeminent, even better.
Doesn't make me get up and sing but i enjoy it a lot.
Rating: 6/10

Move on to Rome. I like this one. Yes i do. Not a big fan of repeating Rome 10 times in chorus, but the rest is awesome and the intrumental is very well made.
It actually sounds like it was made right after they did Love Like a Sunset, it looks like theres a sample of it in there.
Its a bit of a rollercoaster, goes up and down, in terms of intensity. Very well made track and another favourite
Rating: 7/10

Oh god, Countdown (Sick for The Big Sun). This is the worst track of the album, without a shadow of a doubt. The vocals sound off-beat, the chorus is not good (listening to Thomas singing "sick" 10 times is annoying) and the instrumental itself isn't that good too. Overall, nah...
Rating: 4/10

Another favourite, Girlfriend. I love the drums in this one. Whoever did the drums on this one, kudos. The track is also quite poppy and extremely easy to listen to.
If they do a second single, i hope its either 1901 or Girlfriend. This track is for you to listen in a nice Summer day, chillin' with your girlfriend, singing togehter.
Rating: 8/10

And finally, Armistice. Im a bit indifferent on this one. Its probably the darkest of them all, but i'd probably remake it. Theres something missing. Dont know what. Maybe the "finisher" factor. It doesn't sound like a track that finishes an album. And with that, points are lost.
Rating: 5/10

Pros: Easy to listen to, great Summer album
Cons: Short, Countdown (Sick for The Big Sun), can't find it anywhere here

Overall score:

As a bonus, a shorty:
Phoenix - Playground Love (Air Cover) [right click to download]


Counting all different ideas,


John W T said...

Seriously, stick to your strengths!! Not only has everybody already read 100 reviews of Phoenix before this one, but they've read 100 better ones as well.

Alex said...

Attempting to give a damn....

Giving a damn operation failed.

Seriously, i know theres hundreds of reviews, but this is a great album and deserves to be reviewed.

bubblefish said...

wow your review was just garbabe..even being the most adverse monkey I am.