Sunday, 28 June 2009

Add This.

So I was looking around the interwebs for some "French Touch" and I came across a YouTube channel of a guy with one of the best french disco house collections I've ever seen. I thought for sure he'd be in the same boat as alexdaftpunk91, but I was shocked to see he only had about 100 subscribers! I figured I had to do something!

So I am reaching out to the ilictronix community...check this guy out. He has nearly 130 videos of some of the finest music around, and he updates more frequently than alex does!

So please, PLEASE check this guy out here and subscribe to him.
Prez Jordan

If you didn't catch here.


Alex said...

Alex is actually a girl.

prez jordan said...

Yea i know.

prez jordan said...

By he, I was talking about the other channel.

Alex said...

Well, im no english teacher, but aint objects called "it"?

I love being picky.

Alexdaftpunk91 said...

Well Rik started 2 years late than me :D When I started nobody sees my videos so..but hes going to upload a great collection :)

prez jordan said...

Haha he meaning Rik, not the channel itself Alex!

And allo alexdaftpunk91, nice of you to show up :D

Alexdaftpunk91 said...

This is a nice blog :) interesting music

Rikstyle said...

I'm glad that my little project started a few months ago was used to something.
Alex have a collections more oriented towards the french touch, I will for the house in general.

P.S. thanks for the article, is the first time. :-)